A (c)rapper was shot dead in New Orleans: at a fucking Waffle House! What is it about those places?

US rapper Young Greatness has been shot and killed in his native New Orleans at the age of 34.

Born Theodore Jones, the hip-hop artist is best known for his 2015 track Moolah, which has had more than 30 million views on YouTube.

According to local reports, he was shot in the early hours of Monday outside a branch of the Waffle House food chain.

The coroner confirmed his identity and that a gunshot wound was the cause of death. Police are seeking two suspects.

The song Moolah peaked at number 85 in the Billboard Hot 100 chart and was remixed the following year with Lil Wayne and Yo Gotti.

Young Greatness joined the Quality Control label in 2015 and went on to release mixtapes including I Tried To Tell Em and Bloody Summer.

The label marked his death on Monday with a tweet saying: “Rest in Paradise Young Greatness.”

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  1. redneckgeezer says:


  2. Deplorable B Woodman says:

    Another one that won’t be be on the hook for non-support of his baby mamas

  3. bogsidebunny says:

    Waffle Houses are ape magnets. In fact most fast food sit-down/take-out greasy food places are. That is with one exception: Chic-fil-a. Christian oriented, closed Sundays and the food as way better and healthier than the Baboon infested eateries.

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