Remember how many on the right were saying this so-called impromptu march by vermin to the US was staged as a political stunt so that the Kept Whores could capitalize on any misfortune?

Well, got one for ya’!

And just watch how much wailing and gnashing of teeth will be heard from the left about how cold-hearted Trump is not to let these fuckers in.

The organizers of the train of thousands of Central American migrants headed for the United States advised the travelers to take a break Sunday after hearing that a child had been abducted somewhere along the way.

Several migrants reported a child missing late Saturday night, according to The Associated Press, causing the caravan to decide to temporarily pause for a meeting in Tapanatepec, a southwestern Mexican town about a thousand miles from the U.S. border.

The report also states that the Mexican government appeared to be directly helping the migrants in their travels. The Grupo Beta, Mexico’s migrant protection agency, was seen giving rides to stragglers and distributing water.

At the caravan’s regular evening meeting, a nun reportedly reprimanded the men in the group who often take advantage first of the trucks that offer rides, saying they should instead let the women and children hop in.

The nun told the AP that her church would be organizing five trucks to carry the migrants for the next 33 miles to Niltepec, but only the women and children.

A few migrants disagreed with this strategy, with one man saying they’re all struggling equally while another woman appeared to imply that it was dangerous for the women to be alone without the men.

“I don’t agree that it should only be women with children,” said Rosa Bonilla, who is traveling with her two young children. “If we go alone anything could happen.”

Hector Alvarado, a 25 year-old Honduran man who quit school and left his wife and children at home to make money in the U.S., also disagreed with the plan.

“To me it’s bad because there has to be equality because we are all struggling on this path,” he said, according to the report.

Martin Rojas of Grupo Beta said the organization was also planning to organize trucks to pick up stragglers who have fallen behind the caravan. (RELATED: Train Of Central American Migrants Swells In Number Despite Warnings From Trump)

“There are people fainting, there are wounded,” Rojas told The Associated Press.

Mexican police have begun to let the caravan pass freely through the country, deciding that the heat and harsh conditions were not safe to hold them up in.

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto announced the “You are home” project Friday, which offers shelter, schooling and jobs to the migrants if they agree to stay in Mexico rather than proceeding to the U.S.

U.S. President Donald Trump and his administration are reportedly preparing an executive order to close the border and no longer offering asylum, claiming national security risks.

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3 Responses to HERE WE GO!!!

  1. Deplorable B Woodman says:

    Replace “migrant” ==> “invaders”.
    There. Fixed it for ya. Yer welcome.

  2. bogsidebunny says:

    Kill ’em all and let god sort ’em out.

  3. Leonard Jones says:

    The left is overplaying its hand here. They chose to focus like a LASER beam on
    the number one issue that got President Trump elected. They are putting ideology
    above survival on the subject of illegal immigration. The more they beat this dead
    horse, the more traditional Democrat, black, Hispanic and independent voters will
    vote GOP.

    If Trump makes good on his promise to stop this invasion, he will be unstoppable
    in 2020. I think it was Rush Limbaugh who said that a political party that governs
    against the will of the people will ever succeed in the long term. If 59 percent of
    voters oppose illegal immigration and 72 percent oppose sanctuary cities and
    states in California, how high do you think it is in other border states and other
    red states?

    If just two existing laws were mercilessly enforced there would be no need of a
    border wall; Cut off the job magnet by strictly enforcing E-Verify laws and cut
    off the welfare tit for anyone who is not a legal citizen. The line of illegals heading
    South would become one of the largest mass migrations in history!

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