Vietnam Veterans Against McCain

Blogger friend of ours, Wild Thing, posted this back in 2009.  Back in the day she was an actress and toured Vietnam with the USO and Bob Hope.  Her post deals with the obstruction of the investigation of the fate of POW / MIA in Southeast Asia.  You can read her article at the link.

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1 Response to Vietnam Veterans Against McCain

  1. Leonard Jones says:

    Something just hit me like a brick! I recently suggested that McStain might
    have been turned at the Hanoi Hilton. What is the best way to turn someone?
    Torture him until he breaks, get him to do propaganda broadcasts and spill
    his guts until he gives up everything, Now with hundreds of hours of tapes
    of his interviews, the Admiral’s son is totally compromised. They owned him!
    This makes perfect sense. How can a man who was broken through torture
    spend the rest of his life denying that torture works and doing everything in
    his power to cover his ass?

    When the Japs captured Louis Zamperini, he was given “special” treatment
    because he was a famous Olympic runner. What do you think they would
    have done to the son of a 4 star Admiral?

    PS I do not even know what the schedule is nor would I watch it, but you
    can expect the formal funeral service for McStain is going to turn into a
    Wellstone Memorial moment. Almost everyone involved is going to
    be a Democrat party hack. This is going to be a partisan political
    rally from the first word!

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