White guy dies and will be planted soon.

Black woman dies and she’s had umpteen outfit changes so far and the procession to plant her will feature 130 pink cadillacs.

So she sang. Big deal.

But the media is still eulogizing her and featuring her in its stories.

McCain? Not so much.

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  1. bogsidebunny says:

    That be Urethra the finest Mo Fo town silky voiced sista you referrin’ to Cracker? Yea us bros gotta go for the pomp, circumstance, ruffles and flourishes fo da queen of harmony! Besides, it provides a great platform for the entrepreneurs to do a fantastic trade in gold chains, smack and “hands up don’t shoot” T-shirts. Whish for an extra C note we can provide an authentic forgery of da Reverend Sharpton’s autograph on.

    The dead white dude was a live plantation owning honkey responsible for the brothers and sistas’ enslavement to white privilege so who gives a South-side Chicago dweller’s ass.

  2. Eskyman says:

    Hey, they were both singers.

    One had a sweet voice, and will be missed; the other was a shitweasel ratbastard that sold out his country and his fellow soldiers, and the less said about that traitorous swine the better.

  3. TomR, armed in Texas says:

    With ya Eskyman. McStain and Kerry were traitorous SOBs who weaseled their way into that exclusive club of weasels called the Senate.

  4. mikeh420 says:

    At least Aretha didn’t rat out fellow POW soldiers and have them beaten, and kill over a hundred airmen on the USS Forrestal while hotdogging, then cleared cause Daddy was an Admiral.

  5. Deplorable B Woodman says:

    Granted, the eulogies to Aretha are a little over the top, but at least she gave us pleasure and value for the money in her singing.
    And McStain? He deserves double, nay, triple, all the ignoring that can be heaped on him. I hope he’s enjoying his eternity in the firey pit to match the fire on the USS Forrestal.
    If I never hear his name again, it will be too soon (PTUI!)
    Now, where’s he being buried? I got a case of beer to recycle on his grave. I’d better hurry up, I understand it’s gonna be a LOOOONG line.

  6. Leonard Jones says:

    Trust me, Woodman, you will hear some flowery praise at the McStain funeral.
    The Managerie of Donks at his send-off will spew orgasmic praise of McStain
    that will be so syrupy it will send Diabetics into a coma. You can also bet that
    they will turn this into a Wellstone memorial. With Ubangi giving the eulogy
    we can also make book that he and andy ever other Democrat who flaps
    his or her cock-holster will be taking verbal jabs at President Trump and use
    the event as a campaign fundraiser.

    P J O’Rourke once said that the problem with communism is that it politicizes
    everything. The same can be said of modern Democrats and for the same reason!
    If they do what I know they are going to do, maybe history will repeat itself. The
    Wellstone memorial was so far over the top, it in part led to a Republican landslide
    in 2004.

    I loved Aritha because she was a fantastic singer. I was also a big fan of
    classic black music genres like jazz, soul, Motown, blues and even funk.
    As a pre-teen, I could not listen to pop music stations without hearing
    50s and 60s black music. As a huge fan of classic rock in my teens,
    but I was still into the black artists. Aretha Franklin is far more worthy
    of adulation than McStain because she never had a bad word about

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