Better yet, why are we subsidizing dairy cow farmers?

America’s stockpile of cheese is at its highest in more than 100 years, according to the United States Department of Agriculture.

According to a report on cold storage from the USDA, America has 1.385 billion pounds o cheese in its stockpile, the highest since records started being taken in August 1917.

The report found that the East North Central region of the United States has the highest stock of natural cheese for American and other cheese, with 339 million pounds of American cheese and 374 million pounds of other cheese.

According to the Washington Post, the cheese stockpile is so high because there’s too much milk on hand for processors, and milk is more easily stored as cheese. Combine that wil school being out and cows being more productive, you get the record number.

The lowest stockpile of cheese came in 1918, according to the USDA, where there was just over 23 million pounds of cheese.

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3 Responses to WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!

  1. bogsidebunny says:

    Answer: In lieu of EBT cards have the army deliver daily 100 pounds of the cheese to every household receiving welfare and make them eat every last bit. It’d be a great survey to see if high-fat dairy products are actually the cause of coronary heart disease.

  2. Drew45.8 says:

    make butter instead. Less than 5 years ago butter was under $2/lb and we had a massive amount of it in storage. Now they sell it to the middle east, leave little for us, and butter is often on “sale” at $3.99. And forget the high end “european” styles, where even the Land o Lakes goes for $8. $8 for a pound of decent butter? Screw you and the cow who’s tits you pulled on. I’m sick of multi-millionaire farmers getting massive subsidies forever. Grow what sells, free market, start your own bulk buyers and distribution middlemen if you think they’re ripping you off.

    And I’m damn sick of this ethanol gas bullshit too. We proved it can be done, but we have no need for it, since we’re swimming on a sea of shale oil and all that good fracking stuff. It adds to the cost for the consumer, and it decreases performance and mpg. So knock it off. And every last ear of horse corn that gets grown for ethanol starts with a subsidy. Stop them now, stop them all. Forever.

  3. If we have such a huge cheese stockpile, then why is it still so expensive? I’m paying over $12 for a 5lb block of Kirkland (Costco) mild (young, unaged) cheddar. If there is so much cheese, one would expect free market capitalism competition to drive the price down.
    Ditto for Drew’s comment on butter.

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