Not a single Jew could be found to wear a yarmulke in public in Belgium.

You know what the lesson here is, right?

Persecute the fuck out of ragheads in EVERYTHING they do, EVERYWHERE they go and soon…..none of them will want to wear their fucking rags.

Natasha Mann, a reporter for Belgian broadcaster RTBF, was preparing a report on antisemitism in Belgium and wanted to have a visual of a Jew being seen in Brussels in a Jewish skullcap.

So she asked around the Jewish community to find someone who would be willing to be part of the story, just to walk around the capital for the cameras.

For ten years, most observant Jews in Brussels have been wearing caps or hats to avoid being seen publicly as Jews and to avoid being attacked.

After three weeks of looking for a single Jew to be part of the story, she had to give up. The Jewish community is so frightened of Jew-haters that literally none of them would agree to publicly wear the most basic and unobtrusive of Jewish symbols.

First, Mann contacted a couple of rabbis. After finding out which neighborhood Mann wanted them to appear in, they declined. The Chief Rabbi, who was attacked a number of years ago, originally accepted the idea but the community leaders convinced him it was not a good idea.

Mann went to other Jewish community leaders. She thought she hit paydirt when one man said he wanted to do the story, saying that he is sick of being harassed for being a Jew. Mann asked him, “Do you complain to police when you hear antisemitic insults?” He answered back, “Do you complain to police when men whistle at you in the street?” Ultimately, he declined to do the story as well.

Joel Rubinfeld, the president of the Belgian league against anti-Semitism, who normally does not wear a yarmulke, agreed to do the story – but only if he is escorted by a security officer who is in contact with the police. It is too complicated.

The story ran without the visual Mann wanted….

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  1. BobF says:

    None of them wore their “rags” until after 9/11. It was a very rare occurrence if you saw a Muslim woman wear a headscarf or burka on the streets of America. It seems like since 9/11 it’s been an in-your-face thing with Muslims. Today all their women wear headscarf’s or burkas

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