Daniel Craig’s going to get $60 MILLION for the next Bond flick.

You can almost hear the screams from femi-nazis demanding all women make as much as men.

Daniel Craig will reportedly make more than $60 million for the latest “James Bond” movie.

Filming has gotten underway for the 25th movie in the legendary saga, and TMZ reported the following:

Daniel was in Cardona, Spain Tuesday for what appears to be the start of filming for his fifth 007 flick … and a production assistant clearly wanted to keep it under wraps.

You’ll recall, back in 2015, Daniel said he was totally “over” the James Bond role, but left himself an out, saying he’d only do it again “for the money.”

Word is he got plenty of it. There are all kinds of crazy numbers being reported for Daniel’s salary — some as high as $66 million!

That is a lot of money. That is almost too much money for me to even comprehend. I’d make those movies forever if it meant that I’d be paid even $50 million. Bump that number up to a reported $66 million, and you’d need a SWAT team to drag me off of set. In fact, the dollar amount is so high that it’s more than Roger Moore, Pierce Bronson, George Lazenby and Timothy Dalton all made combined for Bond films, according to BroBible.

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  1. bogsidebunny says:

    Fuck women! Wait one, “fucking women” is a great idea. Woody show us you’re “on-board” with the idea. Go seek out Joy Behar and throw a hump into her. Then come back and share the minute details of your mission with us.

  2. Deplorable B Woodman says:

    Your STD has finally affected your brain. Is it the syphilis, or the gonorrhea? Not only No, but HELL NO! Especially since you’re not paying me $66 Million dollars, or even $6 million dollars.

  3. Leonard Jones says:

    I am a lifelong fan of James Bond movies (except for the foppish cartoonish
    poofter Remmington Steele Bond.) I like Timothy Dalton and Daniel Craig
    because both of them took the character back to the original Connery role.

    This is good news on two levels. If it causes the Fembots to get their panties
    in a wad, I will line up at the theater to see it. But what makes me happier
    than a pig in shit is that in spite of all of the recent news, he will not be a
    faggot or a black woman. James Bond is a mans man, so it looks like their
    trial balloons convinced the producers that the PC bullshit was going to
    cost them big at the box office.

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