I mentioned it in the post below about Roseanne being axed by ABC/Disney.

Here’s a bit more:

As Twitchy told you, ABC Entertainment has axed the “Roseanne” reboot over Roseanne Barr’s “abhorrent, repugnant” tweet. And that’s certainly their prerogative, though one wonders why they’d give a platform to a woman who baked Jew cookies dressed as Hitler in the first place.

Brian Stelter @brianstelter
Why did ABC decide to cancel “Roseanne?” Per a Disney source: “It’s a question of right and wrong. And it’s a question of our company’s values.” I’m on set with @BrookeBCNN on @CNN now…

2:01 PM – May 29, 2018
But if ABC is going to cite “abhorrent, repugnant” tweets as the basis for canceling a show or terminating talent’s employment, why did Keith Olbermann just get an expanded role at ESPN? Both ESPN and ABC fall under Disney’s umbrella, but Olbermann gets a plum job and Roseanne loses hers?

Meech @michi83
So does Keith Olbermann represent the values of @Disney? https://twitter.com/brianstelter/status/1001523985857658880

2:21 PM – May 29, 2018
Is Disney going to pretend Olbermann never called Omarosa “Trump’s pet”? Or that he didn’t refer to Michelle Malkin as “a big mashed-up piece of meat with lipstick on it”? Olbermann has a years-long record of being a flaming a**hole both on and off Twitter, but Disney’s not offended by his misogynistic piggery? Or any of this stuff?

Heather Champion @winningatmylife
This pig a tv gig #Roseanne https://twitter.com/KeithOlbermann/status/929458049470861315

1:58 PM – May 29, 2018

This pig has a tv gig. #Roseanne https://twitter.com/KeithOlbermann/status/812123938243350532

OUCH! This RNC ad combined with Trump’s Nashville slam on Pelosi and MS-13 is a BRUTAL one-two punch
Chris Hayes: Roseanne just too authentically represented Trump’s base

Tim Young @TimRunsHisMouth
The last thing ABC stands for is supporting someone who tweets awful things… Now over to Keith Olbermann with sports…

2:53 PM – May 29, 2018

And there’s so much more crap where that came from. Yet:

Roseanne is a hateful idiot who deserves to have her show canceled but don’t ignore the fact that Keith Olbermann’s hateful ass is being celebrated and employed by ESPN.

Clay Travis @ClayTravis
So @KeithOlbermann can call @realDonaldTrump a Nazi, psychopathic white supremacist, which are indisputably dumb things to Tweet, & get hired by @espn and @therealroseanne gets fired for her indisputably dumb Tweets. Almost like there’s a double standard at play here.

Clay Travis @ClayTravis
Shouldn’t a company as big as Disney have a coherent and consistent standard when it comes to policing online speech by employees? As is the standard is simple, left wingers can say whatever they want, right wingers get fired.

2:14 PM – May 29, 2018

To be sure, Roseanne’s not a “right winger.” She’s a Trump-supporting conspiracy theorist who ran for president on the Green Party ticket. But the basic point still stands. Make up your minds, Disney. Either this stuff is acceptable, or it’s not.

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  1. bogsidebunny says:

    Words allowed to be used to silence those who don’t toe-the-correct ideological line are the harbinger to machineguns allowed to be used to silence those who don’t toe-the-correct ideological ine. Mark my words.

  2. Deplorable B Woodman says:

    I read about and saw the tweet, and the picture(s).
    I thought it was HILARIOUS!
    But, if you don’t like what Rosanne posted, at least be consistent with your hate. Otherwise you’re a hypocrite.
    I read the Breitbart screed on this Rosanne debacle. Since when did Breitbart take a left turn into the National Review Libtard zone? There was very little, if anything, factual in the Breitbart screed, it was just one long anti-Rosanne opinion hit piece.

  3. Leonard Jones says:

    I do not see an offense with what Barr wrote. The leftist bitch she was targeting
    is an Iranian Muslim. Saying she looks like a cross between the Muslim
    Brotherhood and Planet Of The Apes is like calling Rachel “Ain’t Jemima” Dolezal
    or Shawn “Talcum X” King the N-word.

    As far as comedy is concerned, I have laughed at distasteful jokes about President
    Reagan’s Alzheimers told by a liberal talk show host. I like especially love jokes
    that are irreverent, shocking, and even downright obscene. The only thing that
    crosses the line is the hateful rants by Michael Richardson, Kathy Griffin, and
    Jimmy Kimmel but that is not comedy. Everything else is fair game!

    Equatorial Pigmys know how I feel about pedophiles, but I can still laugh at a joke.

    Did you hear about the new Michael Jackson sale at the department store?

    All boys pants half off.

    This is a bit dated: Did you hear that Jeffrey Dahmer just escaped from prison?

    He was last seen headed towards Waco Texas with a 55-gallon drum of BBQ sauce.

  4. Well said Bogside, we are being slowly pushed into police states where leftards control the narrative.

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