For something Obongo did and which they uttered nary a peep back when.

Yep, they got their panties in a wad and lambasted Trump for some pictures taken of illegals sleeping in cages.

Except the pictures were taken when Obongo was infesting our White House and those self-same hypocrites didn’t say a word.

Of course, as soon as someone told them they all rushed to delete their tweets and FB messages.

A photograph of two migrant children sleeping in a cage at an ICE detention facility quickly went viral on Sunday after several prominent liberals tweeted it in a white-hot rage at President Trump’s immigration policy.

After a laundry list of journalists and public figures angrily tweeted the photo – including CNN’s Hadas Gold, NYT Mag’s editor-in-chief Jake Silverstein, Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau and former LA mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, they deleted their tweets in shame when it emerged that the photo was taken in 2014, under Obama.

Indeed – nobody thought to check the date on the attached article, published in June of 2014.

The award for the lamest excuse goes to CNN’s Hadas Gold, who wrote “Deleted previous tweet because gave impression of recent photos (they’re from 2014)”

Hadas Gold

Deleted previous tweet because gave impression of recent photos (they’re from 2014)

Sorry Hadas. The internet never forgets.

Jake Silverstein, editor-in-chief of NYT Magazine, threw his family under the bus for “distracting” him.

Correction: this link, which was going around this morning, is from 2014. Still disturbing, of course, but only indirectly related to current situation. My bad (and a good reminder not to RT things while distracted w family on the weekend). https://twitter.com/jakesilverstein/status/1000805432271745025

Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau cranked up the virtue-signaling up to eleven, tweeting “Look at these pictures. This is happening right now, and the only debate that matters is how we force our government to get these kids back to their families as fast as humanly possible.”

Former LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa also had egg on his face after tweeting “Speechless. This is not who we are as a nation.”

As Caleb Hull – Senior Editor of The IJR and others pointed out, many of those who tweeted the picture on Sunday were awfully silent when it actually happened under Obama.

And then the memes flowed in.

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  1. I LIKE that last one…a swipe back at Jack Posobiec!

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