The Hildebeast has been seen (for the past few weeks) always bundled up as if she’s living in Alaska even when the temperatures are in the 70s.

Huge hunchback lump on her back.

For some reason not one person has said anything about what it is.

But commenters know:

— Suicide vest??

— It is either…….

the missing laptops…………….

or is Cankles still wearing the colostomy backback???

— Its a handle….. makes it easier to throw her in the van!

— It’s the souls of the innocent. On long trips she needs snacks.

— Then again, it could be George Soros’s hand up her arse controlling her movements like a hand puppet.


— I think it’s just construction scaffolding. She’s being refurbished.

On Friday, Hillary Clinton stepped out into the sweltering Boston, MA heat in a heavy coat and scarf.

On Monday, Hillary participated in a Memorial Day parade wearing a winter coat and scarf in Chappaqua, New York and the temperature was a very mild 72 degrees.

Notice the Girl Scouts standing next to Hillary wearing shorts and t-shirts.

On Monday, Hillary Clinton tweeted a photo of herself standing next to Girl Scouts in Memorial Day parade.

Hillary tweeted: Just returned from marching in the annual Chappaqua Memorial Day Parade with everyone from Governors to Girls Scouts. Today we honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country to keep us safe here at home.

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  1. taminator013 says:

  2. Deplorable B Woodman says:

    Another blog, someone thought it might be an extended battery pack so she doesn’t run low while climbing stairs.

  3. bogsidebunny says:

    Hilda with the Girl Scouts. Trolling for a young Huma replacement most likely. Or maybe young tender meat for a Hillary/Huma samwich?

  4. BobF says:

    Watching the video at the link, Bill Clinton is walking around with the most dumbfounded look on his face. I wonder if his mind is starting to go?

    Hillary’s hunchback has been getting notice.

  5. Deplorable B Woodman says:

    Since when did a mild 72 deg in Boston become “sweltering heat”?
    Comfortable? Yes. Humid? Most likely. Sweltering heat? I doubt it. (I grew up in Bawston)
    But still, the point is taken, even if the Presstitute can’t write a decent story.
    Hellary is overdressed for the weather, and appears to be hiding something under her coat.

  6. Leonard Jones says:

    I saw a close-up image of whatever it is in the Intertubes yesterday. I think
    Woodman is getting close to the truth. We already know she has a
    debilitating neurological issue, so the question should be what kind of
    medical device would be used to prevent her seizures? I am not buying
    the back brace story because her legs were buckling on her almost daily.

    In any event, I do not think she is going to be around much longer. I would
    be willing to start a dead-pool on Hillary.

  7. Leonard Jones says:

    I just took a few moments to look up medical devices for neurological issues
    and found something that described most of the symptoms of atonic seizures.
    While there are a lot of external medical devices for a lot of neurological conditions,
    I did not see anything resembling the cinderblock on her right shoulder. Not only
    do the symptoms sound spot on, remember that she was wearing thick ass Fresnel
    lens glasses so seizures seem to fit in. Check out these symptoms, do they
    remind you of anyone?

    Atonic seizures result in a sudden loss of muscle strength while the seizure is
    occurring. Other symptoms may include:

    Going limp and falling to the ground
    Remaining conscious
    Experiencing a brief loss of consciousness
    Drooping eyelids
    Head nods

    The cause of atonic seizures is often unknown. Some patients may be more
    likely to have seizures because of changes in their genes.

    Atonic seizures most often affect children but can occur in patients of any age.

    Rapid breathing (hyperventilation) and flickering lights can trigger seizures.

    Another Bingo. There is a device called a Vagus Nerve Stimulator. It involves
    implanting a device in your neck. This may not explain the Quasimoto hump
    on her back, but it makes you wonder about why she started wearing heavy

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