New music for you.

Reminds me of Midnight Oil.

Found this at a site I use for offbeat stuff.

Liked it enough I went to YT and found more.

These guys are good.

This is the new music video for The Fratellis. Co-written and directed by Theo Gee, the concept for the video is based around an old Philosophical thought experiment called ‘Mary’s Room’ which is all about the nature of knowledge. Three scientists, locked in a black and white existence, bicker and experiment, experiment and bicker as they attempt to understand the one thing that not one of them can imagine – color.

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  1. taminator013 says:

    I heard them back in about 2006 when they released the album “Costello Music”. Our local public access station played a song from it that I liked called “Henrietta”…………

    Here is the latest new to me. It’s a deathpunk band out of Norway called Turbonegro………..

  2. antzinpantz says:

    Not bad stuff…….

  3. Episode IX of the recently-concluded Star Trek Continues web series deals with this very issue. It’s called “What Ships Are For“. Check it out!

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