With ragheads and gypsies terrorizing the country Brit cops are more interested in chasing a couple caught boinking:

A BRITISH couple found themselves being chased naked down the street when they were caught indulging in a spot of springtime al fresco coitous. Readers — that is not a pasta dish.

In perhaps the most of English of responses, Police put a plea out for people in the cathedral city of Salisbury to stop all the nonsense and just “behave”.

An officer Tweeted that the force already had quite enough to deal with, thought to be a reference to the poisoning of former Russian spy Sergie Skripal and his daughter Yulia.

The Salisbury Journal reported that Police were called following a report of “two people having sex in a field across the river” from the cathedral.

But the pair’s bonk on the bank didn’t last long.

“When officers attended nearby, the pair made off,” Wiltshire Police said in a statement.

“Two people, a man aged in his 20s and a woman aged in her 40s, were later located at an address in the city and have been invited in for interview for outraging public decency.”

Under English and Welsh law, “outraging public decency” is a level of behaviour which is seen as lewd, obscene or of disgusting character and takes place in a public place.

Constable Kier Pritchard of the city’s police, later took to Twitter to berate the couple, saying there must be something in the air in Salisbury.

“Behave this summer, we’ve already got enough to deal with!” Mr Pritchard wrote.

“Believe me we’d rather focus on protecting vulnerable people, community presence and prevention, hence my point of keeping this stuff out of the public space.”

The pair were found on a park bench in the city centre on 4 March. Sergie, 66, remains in hospital but daughter Yulia, 33, was discharged earlier this month.

The poisoning has caused a huge diplomatic spat between Russia and the United Kingdom and many of Britain’s allies. The UK claims a military grade nerve agent developed by Russia called Novichok was used although Moscow denies any involvement in the sage.

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