White mother with black kid furious when someone denounced her for calling her kid a “cheeky monkey.”

At first I sided with the mother since it was none of that other woman’s business.

But if the white mother had called a black child, not her own, a cheeky monkey she’d be in front of a Magistrate faster than you could spit.

It’s time the fight went the other way.

If we can’t say it neither can they….or vice versa.

A mother has been left furious after she was branded a ‘racist’ by a stranger for calling her mixed-race son a ‘cheeky monkey’.

The Mumsnet user, who is white, was confronted by a black woman in the park who told her she needed to ‘educate’ herself about her son’s race.

The mother, known only by her username, Jumpiin said she was ‘reeling’ at the accusation, and asked other parents if she was right to be upset.

The message board was divided, as some accused her of being insensitive for giving a mixed-race boy the nickname because ‘monkey’ is an offensive term used against black people.

The woman accused Jumpiin of treating her son like an accessory and accused her of not knowing anything about her son’s race.

She revealed that she’d actually been learning about her partner’s Swahili culture, and was learning the language with her son.

But some Mumsnet users didn’t join in with her anger, and accused her of being ignorant of the history behind the word.

ArcheryAnnie posted: ‘I can understand you feeling defensive, but honestly, if you want to continue to do the best for your child, please do listen to other people who have much more experience of racism than you do.

‘You might not always agree with them, but getting defensive and asking for validation from others about how mean they were to you really doesn’t help either you or your child.’

‘Calling white children little/cheeky monkey doesn’t come along with the same horrible connotations.’

TinklyLittleLaugh agreed: ‘I’m inclined to think that, on the whole, a black woman is going to have a better understanding than a white woman, of what is or is not racist, regardless of the white woman’s relationships.

‘I base this on my experience as a disabled person, of having more sensitivity than a non disabled person, as to what is offensive and disablist. My able bodied husband has some idea. I would still cringe at the idea of him telling a disabled person what they should be offended by.’

However, many agreed with her, calling the unnamed woman ‘ridiculous’ and ‘mad’.

LorelaiRoryEmily said: ‘Wow. That is ridiculous op, I wouldn’t give her head space. People are mad.’

JamieFrasersKilt posted: ‘Does that mean when I called my socially anxious kids, chicken, I was committing some sort of faux pas? She was being completely ridiculous.’

Greenlynx agreed: ‘She behaved very rude towards you. You were playing with your child. it’s none of her business.’

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  1. bogsidebunny says:

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  2. Leonard Jones says:

    You can travel the entire English speaking world and find a shitload of phrases
    that other people might find “Offensive.” In some places, cunt is not a dirty
    word; it could mean a “mate.” A Canadian I knew nearly shit his pants when
    he heard an exchange between two women in South Africa. One woman
    was pushing a pram with a baby girl in it. The other woman said, “What a beautiful
    little cunt you have.” Turns out, that is a slang for a little girl. Then there is the word
    wanker. One could do an academic study on all of the idioms in the UK, Canada,
    America, Australia, and New Zealand. Chances are that the words used are
    entirely innocuous because even I have heard the term cheeky monkey.

  3. Eskyman says:

    In America, a “fanny pack” is a little carry pack that goes around your waist. In Scotland & some parts of Australia, “fanny” is another word for cunt.

    A female American friend in Western Australia caused a bit of commotion when referring to her fanny pack in a loud voice, while she pointed at her crotch in emphasis! She was blissfully unaware, and it’s one of my fondest memories!

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