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2 Responses to ANYONE SEE THE IRONY?

  1. BobF says:

    Supervisor I had while stationed in England won USAFE NCO of the Quarter and got a weekend in West Berlin for doing so. While there he was able to take a tour in East Berlin. He told us East Berlin gave you the strangest feeling as there were cameras everywhere monitoring your every move. Everything people did was being monitored. Today in America we are where Communist East Berlin was 36 years ago but we call it being FREE.

  2. bogsidebunny says:

    Big bro. I’ve heard even your “smart phone” just laying around on your table at home can be activated by “Big Bro” and record your conversations. I’m glad I do not have a smart phone. I have a flipper and keep it turned off in the bedroom. Besides if “Big bro” can still hear my conversations they be only hearing me talk to myself or farting.

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