The family of that little moron who would not do what the cops ordered him to and wound up getting air conditioned multiple times hired a private ME who said he was shot 7 times in the back.

So sad. Too bad.

Now the state needs to get an expert to talk about how if, when the first bullet hit, and given there were multiple cops there firing after the first shot, how the moron’s body turned and in that short span of time, the bullets unleashed would “appear” to have hit his back but would have hit his front had his body not turned.

Maybe his homies can learn from this. Given their lack of intellectual capacity I doubt that would happen.

An unarmed US man killed by police this month was shot seven times in the back, according to an independent post-mortem examination.

Stephon Clark was shot a total of eight times in the confrontation on the night of 18 March in Sacramento, California, said a forensic pathologist.

Dr Bennet Omalu said seven of the bullets entered the 22-year-old father-of-two’s back and side.

He was holding a mobile phone, which police said they mistook for a gun.

His death has sparked city-wide protests.

Dr Omalu said Clark was also hit in the neck and thigh, and one shot resulted in a punctured lung.

Authorities said that each officer fired 10 times. Any one of the eight bullets that struck Clark could have proved fatal, Dr Omalu said.

“His death wasn’t instantaneous,” Dr Omalu said at a news conference on Friday.

It took him three to 10 minutes to bleed to death.

Dr Omalu said the seventh gunshot wound was to the side of his body, towards the back.

He said: “You can reasonably conclude he received seven gunshot wounds from his back.”

Sacramento police said the officers were responding to reports of a thief who damaged three vehicles in the neighbourhood.

The suspect was seen from a helicopter breaking the glass door of a house before hopping over a fence next door.

The officers confronted Clark in his grandmother’s backyard.

Body camera footage shows it was dark as they ordered him to show his hands before opening fire after shouting: “Gun, gun, gun!”

The video shows the officers stayed at a distance weapons drawn and pointing at the victim until backup arrived.

While discussing whether to perform CPR, one officer said: “Hey, mute.” The audio went silent for two minutes.

Clark’s family and their lawyer are questioning why he did not receive more immediate medical care. They are expected to file a federal lawsuit.

“These findings from the independent autopsy contradict the police narrative that we’ve been told,” said Benjamin Crump, the family’s lawyer.

“This independent autopsy affirms that Stephon was not a threat to police and was slain in another senseless police killing under increasingly questionable circumstances.”

Mr Crump said the post-mortem findings meant the officer’s story about Clark moving towards them in a threatening manner could not be true.

Hundreds of mourners attended Clark’s funeral on Thursday as demonstrators took to the streets.

On Tuesday, his brother, Stevonte Clark, stormed a city council meeting with protesters and said the authorities had “failed all of you”.

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  1. bogsidebunny says:

    In the meantime the real threat to the public in Cal-I-Fag-I-A is being exposed. The 1 in 10 billion chance you might get cancer from drinking coffee will have to be posted on every cup.

  2. redneckgeezer says:

    Don’t run from the cops. Pretty simple.

  3. Eskyman says:

    Just another manufactured “outrage,” as a criminal gets killed while engaging in criminal activities. Everything I’ve heard about this case indicates it was a justified shooting; no one can tell whether some object in the dark is a phone or a gun, and if the cops had waited to find out they might be the dead ones instead of the perp.

    Like redneckgeezer said, “don’t run from the cops.” I’d add, kneel down with empty hands held up high while shouting “I’m unarmed.” Then follow the instructions of the police. Everyone’s chances of staying alive are much better that way! But I have noticed that (this will come as a surprise to liberals,) criminals don’t obey laws, and don’t follow orders. This leads to them being perforated, which I’m OK with!

    The real pity is that the black community doesn’t rise up in anger at the black criminals among them, and applaud when one of that sorry-ass bunch gets killed. Their sympathies are all in the wrong direction, so they’ll get more chances to riot (and loot, and steal, and destroy.)

  4. Leonard Jones says:

    I knew the minute the coroner made his statement exactly what happened.
    If he started to turn around the momentum would turn his back to the
    police. One does not make sudden moves in the presence of police
    officers with weapons drawn. One does not run from the police. One
    does not reach into a pocket or waistband. It does not matter that the
    cops mistook his cellphone for a gun.

    This state is as fucked up as a state can get, yet there is a state law that
    may save your ass in Taxifornia. If a burglar breaks into your house
    and you shoot him you will be screwed. If you say something stupid
    like the SOB broke into my house so I shot him you will be double plus
    screwed. It is called acting a reasonable but mistaken belief. If you
    have to pull the trigger, tell the police that it was dark and I thought I
    saw a weapon in his hand. All the officers have to do use this in
    their defense.

    There is a joker in this deck. The leftist politicians here are batshit
    crazy radicals with a racial obsession. The AG will go after the
    officers like a rabid Doberman!

  5. President Trump needs to send the GD ARMY in to clear out the nest of vipers known as the #Fornicalia Assembly!

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