Guy was upset that he had to work 5 years more than his female counterparts before he could retire.

So he changed his sex.

He now identifies as a female.

Convincing Sergio Lazarovich he’s the beneficiary of white-male privilege is going to be a tough sell.

So tough, he has legally changed his gender, reported the Daily Mail.

According to a relative identified as Enzo, reported Informate Salta, the 60-year-old Argentinian tax worker – now known as Sergia – didn’t make the change because of some long-simmering psychological turmoil about his identity, but instead switched so he could retire five years earlier, a move he has been contemplating for three years.

Argentina sets the retirement age at 60 for female state workers and 65 for males.

“His conviction is that it is unfair that, because he is a man, he has to work five years more than a woman,” Enzo told the paper.

“He has been working on this for more than three years and was advised by lawyers, and the first plan was to make a complaint to the state citing discrimination.

“But it was an option that could have taken many years, and no one could guarantee that the court would rule in his favor.”

Argentina’s liberal procedure for changing gender only requires the filing of a document declaring one’s self-perception. No evidence of hormone treatment or gender-reassignment surgery is required.

So far, Lazarovich has not submitted an application to begin receiving his pension as a woman, and it is unclear if his gender-bending plan will be challenged by state lawyers.

According to his relative, Lazarovich has been in multiple heterosexual relationships – “sometimes simultaneous, some short, some long-term, but always with women” – has never expressed an interest in men or living as a woman. He has continued dating women and, reportedly, made negative comments about homosexuals and transsexuals.

Lazarovich is disputing reports than his gender switch is not sincere, calling newspaper reports lies, and asserting his right to privacy.

“The motivations are mine and I do not have to explain anything to anyone,” he told one newspaper.

Proving politics is thicker than blood, Lazarovich’s relative is calling for an official investigation to protect Argentina’s gender law from those who would use it for selfish and fraudulent purposes. He is particularly concerned that a precedent could be set.

“The law is very good and protects the transgender people,” said Enzo. “That there are people who do not have ethics does not mean that the law is wrong, it means that people are wrong. It’s a moral flaw and Sergia is one of those people. He is taking advantage of the law. Just by listening to him speak, to refer to himself, one realizes that what he says is a lie.

“It is not just a macho issue, it is fraudulent and it is a theft of rights. He is demonstrating that if he can do it, anyone can do it. This is a totally selfish and harmful act, very low. It saddens me to be familiar with a person capable of doing anything to get what he wants.

“He believes that he can appropriate the rights of other people, but there are universal rights and not others. We do not all have the same rights because we are not all in the same conditions, and what he is doing is stealing rights that cost a lot to have.” concluded Enzo.

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  1. dekare says:

    Where are the feminists in that country demanding they be forced to work until retirement age of 65, so they can of course, be men’s equal?

  2. Jim McFalls says:

    She beat the system.

  3. He’s still a Faggot in my book!

  4. As long as he gets his dick chopped off, he can take the early retirement as a woman.

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