Hannity Interviews William Campbell

Campbell is the FBI informant that’s been exposing the bribery scandal between the Clinton Foundation and the Russians.

What amazes me is the clarity with which those of us frequenting this blog actually see. If people really understood this, the march on Washington calling for the Clinton’s heads would make the latest gathering of SJW snowflakes pale in comparison. It is truly amazing to try figuring out why normal people don’t want to see the Clintons in jail. That includes Chelsea too, she’s just as corrupt as mommie dearest and her rapist father Bill.

Then, there’s always the OTHER Clinton Foundation, the one nobody is supposed to know about. The link is a must read.

My knowledge is so limited compared to what’s occurred throughout human history, that I probably don’t even know the names or stories about many famous criminals or politicians (but I repeat myself. Regardless, it appears accurate to say that the Clinton family are in the top ten criminal)s in all of human history. Hey, at least HilLIARy will never be President of the United States.

Thank God!

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  1. One thing also: should Хиллари goto Federal Prison, she’ll never have to worry about being converted from a TE to a WR!

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