Assistant principal fired and arrested for having sex with 19 year old student.
Yeah, I know.

19 years old?

He’s either stupid and repeated a grade.

Or black.

Or a beaner.

Or all three.

And she is (will soon not be) married with 3 kids.

An assistant principal and mother-of-three in South Carolina has turned herself in to face charges of sexual battery related to having intercourse with a student.

Dawn Diimmler of Airport High School in Lexington County has been accused of having sexual intercourse multiple times with a 19-year-old student over the course of three months in 2017.

On Monday, Lexington School District Two released three letters from school district officials to Diimler, dated earlier this year, that claimed the authority figured was heard on a recording telling the student’s mother that she was in love with her son.

Diimmler now faces felony charges of sexual battery in the cities of both Cayce and Columbia, City of Cayce spokesperson Ashley Hunter confirmed to DailyMail.com on Monday.

If convicted, each of the two charges carries with it a potential penalty of up to five years in prison.

Diimmler’s husband is apparently standing by her side, as he was seen still wearing his wedding ring as he walked her out of Lexington County Detention Center with his arm around her, shielding her from cameras, in footage captured by The State.

Diimmler was fired from Airport High School earlier this month. The high school released a statement on February 13 regarding its termination of Diimmler.

‘Ms. Diimmler was terminated following the district’s investigation into allegations that she might be involved in an unprofessional relationship with a student,’ school spokeswoman Dawn Kujawa said in the statement.

‘During that investigation, the district became aware of facts indicating the possibility of criminal activity. In response, the district notified law enforcement that same day, January 30, 2018, of those facts and has continued to cooperate with law enforcement during its investigation.’

The Cayce Department of Public Safety issued the following statement on Saturday:

‘In a collaborative effort and investigation between the Cayce Department of Public Safety and the Columbia Police Department, Dawn P. Diimmler will face charges of sexual battery in both jurisdictions.

‘Between the dates of March 10, 2017 and June 2, 2017, Dawn P. Diimmler was engaged in an alleged relationship with a 19-year-old student enrolled at Airport High School while she was assigned as the school’s Assistant Principal.

‘Dawn Diimmler further had direct supervision over the student as part of her duties and engaged in sexual intercourse with the student on two (2) occasions while at the school which is located at 1315 Boston Avenue in the City of Cayce.’

Diimmler is also accused of having sex with the student at least on other time, in a hotel room she rented on April 28, 2017 in the Harbison area, according to an incident report recorded by Columbia Police.

Even though the student allegedly involved in a sexual relationship with Diimmler was 19 at the time of the accused activity, she still faces felony charges based on her position of power over the student, under South Carolina law.

Her official charge is for ‘sexual battery with a student 18 years of age or older, where there is direct supervisory authority, no aggravated force or coercion.’

Diimmler turned herself in on Saturday morning at the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center to face the charges from the city of Columbia.

The detention center is located in Richland County, where her bond was set at $30,000 cash surety. She was order not to have contact with the victim, and was released.

A warrant for her arrest was also issued by the City of Cayce, where Airport High School is located, in Lexington County.

Diimmler first faced her charges with the Cayce Department of Public Safety on Sunday morning.

Diimmler had worked at Airport High School since 2012. She is currently married with three children, ages 7, 9 and 11.

The school’s principal, Brad Coleman, has been placed on paid administrative leave.

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  1. BobF says:

    She’s also 44 years old.

  2. bogsidebunny says:

    Where were these hot babes when I was in High School?

    On the other hand it just goes to show the deep perverted descent that American cultural and Social morals have taken since the 1950’s.

  3. Eskyman says:

    Two adults having sex, by mutual consent. There’s not a word suggesting that anyone was forced into anything.

    Accordingly, it ain’t none of the government’s business, or shouldn’t be, if our society were sane.

    I sure am glad that the school district, the police department and the “Department of Public Safety,” whatever that might be, have their priorities straight and aren’t looking for any crazy students who might want to shoot the place up, but are spending their time & money prosecuting adults for having sex.

    It’ll sure solve a lot of problems, won’t it- well, no, it won’t, but it’ll sure mess up that woman, her family and that 19 year old!

    (She shoulda got a sex change before having the affair, then she’d be untouchable.)

  4. Deplorable B Woodman says:

    You’re right. Where were these teachers when I was a student? And why is it that no one can keep their piehole shut after doing the deed? Doesn’t anyone know how to keep a secret anymore?
    I know I’d have been as happy as a ……..(fill in the blank yourself).

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