After all, liberals are supposed to be all about helping the poor and downtrodden, right?

Not him.

So why did this asshole tell people to engage in drunken debauchery in Puerto Rio when he could have done the gallant thing and suggest young people go there to help rebuild.

The answer’s simple: liberals are two-face hypocrites and only interested in what makes them feel good.

David Hogg has launched a boycott rampage from his Twitter account and the social media giant is protecting his activism by banning anyone who harasses questions him.

In addition to calling for a boycott of any corporation partnered with the NRA, Hogg called on college students to boycott Florida for Spring Break.

That’s right, punish the waiters, bartenders and other people in hospitality because the FBI and Broward County Sheriff failed to protect the students.

Hogg told college students to boycott Florida as a spring break destination unless gun legislation is passed.

A seventeen-year-old high school student who has most likely never paid a bill or a tax in his life is attacking people who make minimum wage plus tips to support their families.

Where should the college students go instead? Hogg told the college co-eds to go to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico.

“Puerto Rico could really use the economic support that the government has failed to provide”, says the all knowing, almighty Hogg.

According to, as of December of 2017, approximately 75% of hotels are open for business after Hurricane Maria ravaged the territory in September.

According to Status PR, approximately 85% of the electricity in Puerto Rico has been restored.

While it is definitely good news that electricity has been restored to the majority of the people in Puerto Rico, the island is still rebuilding its infrastructure and residents are still relying on emergency food and water from FEMA.

Can Puerto Rico handle thousands of college students pouring in for a week of drunken debauchery? Perhaps.

Is it a good idea to party without abandon whilst the island is still fragile and recovering from the hurricane devastation which left hundreds dead? 17-year-old Hogg seems to think so.

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  1. bogsidebunny says:

    Too bad the asshole didn’t catch some of those 5.56mm pellets in his center mass.

  2. redneckgeezer says:

    I can’t help but wonder if anyone has bothered to verify his status as a student. It doesn’t much matter, I’m sure he’s getting his chain yanked from elsewhere regardless. It’s nice to see that the inmates are not only running the asylum, but being encouraged by their keepers.

  3. BobF says:

    Someone is pulling this kids strings. Funny how he knew which companies offered discounts to NRA members when most NRA members didn’t know themselves.

  4. JC says:

    I suspect he never thought someone would connect the dots and, like a typical liberal, instead of accepting that he wasn’t bright enough to figure it out, he’s trashing everyone else for his own failures.

    And yes, he is being used as a pawn but he isn’t smart enough to know it.

  5. Eskyman says:

    I’ll be overjoyed when this little piggy- oh sorry, Hogg- has his 15 minutes of fame over with.

    The silver lining may be that the NRA ends up with more members than it’s had for a long time, as most normal people wonder how the NRA can be the “bad guy,” when the murderer isn’t a member, the NRA didn’t fail to protect the kids there like the Broward Cowards, the NRA didn’t profit from not reporting crime like the Broward School District did, and the NRA didn’t cause the video recorder at the school to be set for a 30 min. delay. Nor did they call for the “fire drill” before this event that caused so much (intentional?) confusion!

    There’s a term which I’ve just encountered: “allowed event.” Too many people think “false flag” means that the whole thing is a hoax that didn’t happen- but what if people actually got killed, but it was arranged that way by persons unknown & wasn’t just a crazed murderer? “Allowed Event” means that it’s real, people did get hurt & killed- but the event was planned like that, to promote gun control, or to eliminate our Constitutional rights or some other nefarious plan. That’s what I think this event was!

    I’ve been red-pilled to the max lately. The media lies, constantly and continuously. They have an agenda, and it isn’t to promote our rights as Americans. This is yet another allowed event to influence more legislation to take our guns away and render us helpless! I’m increasingly unsure that this Cruz guy is even the shooter. He’d have to be almost a superhero to have done the things he’s supposed to have done in the time available to him- but look at the guy! He’s a little guy, a loser, he’s not all there in his head, is this guy an action hero type? Bullshit!

    But we’re supposed to believe that he took a Uber there, changed into his action-man armor plated costume, put his gas mask/helmet on, assembled his “assault rifle” and lots of magazines (what? Weren’t they “high-capacity bullet spraying” magazines?) and then ran from one end of this huge campus to the other, running up & down three floors, to kill all those people- within minutes! And then calmly dropped all this gear & walked out to a Subway to have lunch. Yeah, right.

    It’s all bullshit, and I don’t believe any of it anymore!

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