I guess I’m a sick and perverted animal hater, but I sure love bacon!

At this poor little piggie’s expense, I laughed out loud when I read the article. Apparently Wilbur Molly was just too tasty not to enjoy.

One of the 57 animals the Nanaimo SPCA branch manager nursed back to health was Molly, a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig who finally found her forever home last month.

But just weeks after the adoption, Davis heard the news: Molly had been butchered and eaten by her new owner after problems were reported with the little pig.

“First reaction I’d say was shock. Heartbreak. You know, all the animals that come through our care or branches we get attached to,” Davis said.

“To hear that somebody did this to an animal that we worked so hard to make sure was healthy, and tried to get into a good home, is absolutely heartbreaking.”

I love bacon, it’s a completely separate food group unto itself.

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3 Responses to Bacon!

  1. Deplorable B Woodman says:

    A bacon a day
    Helps keep the muzzies away
    Have you had your bacon today?

  2. ESPECIALLY on Fridays!

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