A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Several of us that frequent this fine blog are former police officers, myself included. We’ve had several discussions about the fine law enforcement officers of today’s world and the totally corrupt, inept, and dangerous cops that make life miserable for these fine officers.

Today we lost another brother. El Paso County, Colorado, Deputy Sheriff Micah Flick was shot and killed while trying to apprehend an auto thief. There’s not a lot of information at present, other than what you see at ODMP.

Deputy Flick was conducting an auto theft investigation involving several officers. The suspect struggled, then opened fire, wounding Deputy Flick, two other deputies, a Colorado Springs police officer, and a bystander. The offender was shot and killed by police. Deputy Flick succumbed to his injuries. I don’t have current information on the status of other officers or the bystander.

The shooting of a police officer strikes close to home to me as a former officer myself, but in this case, this is the THIRD police officer killed in the front range of Colorado in just over a month.

On New Year’s Eve, Deputy Sheriff Zachari Parish was shot and killed at a disturbed man who opened fire with a rifle, killing Parish and wounding three other officers.

A little over a week ago, Adams County Deputy Sheriff Heath Gumm was shot and killed during the foot pursuit of an assault suspect.

Today Deputy Flick was killed. The killing of police is a foreign act, committed rarely in communities close to me, yet in the course of just over a month, we’ve lost three officers. Communities here are in shock.

The shooting on New Year’s Eve resulted in the wounding of several other officers, among them, Jeff Pelle, the son of the sheriff of the county in which I reside, Boulder County, Colorado – Joe Pelle. The day before Deputy Gumm was killed, I started wondering how Jeff Pelle was doing. I emailed his father, Sheriff Joe Pelle, explaining I could find no status information regarding his son and wanted him to know his son was not forgotten.

Sheriff Pelle responded to me personally very quickly, giving me the update that his son had returned home and was beginning the long road to recover both physically and mentally. Since that brief conversation, the communities close to me have lost two other officers.

Suffice to say, today was not at all the icing on a cake, it was in fact, a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

It’s inconceivable to me that any of those involved will every read this blog, but regardless, my prayers are with the families, friends, and fellow officers of Deputy Flick, Deputy Gumm, and Deputy Parrish. May God bless your souls, with the eternal life found in your Savior, Jesus Christ. Your watch is finished. Thank you for your service.

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  1. BobF says:

    Obama ignited this war against police and his lackeys in the NFL perpetuated it.

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