I F***ing Quit!

I saw this article on the UK Daily Mirror Rag and it made me wonder if any of you have any good “I quit” stories.

I used to work with a guy who read this blog all the time. We’d discuss how great it was to read Vilmar’s posts and have some great conversations about all the good conservative stuff here. But, over the course of several years, my co-worker began to behave a little strangely. I think it had to do with his brother taking an entire classroom of high school students hostage, raping several of the girls, then killing one and putting a bullet in his head as the SWAT team breached the classroom. But… who am I to know?

That said, I endured a year or two of totally bizarre behavior and finally decided it was time to check out. I told two people at my work, one of my co-workers who would take over my duties and a friend who worked in HR. I didn’t want to stiff my co-worker and the HR friend was (as luck would have it) the retirement specialist who gave me all the inside scoop on forms to complete and everything I needed to do to check out on a moments notice.

I arrived at work on December 30th, 2011, and sent my boss an email. I honestly don’t remember the wording, but it was something like, “Since you haven’t figured out how to deal with my co-worker who suffers from mental problems and has threatened to kill YOU and me, I thought I’d let you know I’m retiring today. Enjoy…”

It was one of the most pleasurable emails I’ve ever sent. Since I was the sysadmin for the network, I hit send, then formatted the disk on my computer, walked over to the desk of the co-worker who knew my plans, and told her I’d be starting the checkout procedures. I was gone about 4 hours later. Of note, my boss was in Seattle, and I was 1300 miles away, so the email was a lot better than giving him a call. I’ve never talked to him since.

Does anybody else have any great Johnny Paycheck “Take This Job and Shove It” stories to tell? They’re always great fun.

Oh, and Crazy Bob, if you still read the blog, hopefully you’re enjoying life, I sure am.

P.S. This was my favorite:

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  1. JC says:

    When I was fresh out of high school, there wasn’t a whole lot of job choices. I ended up getting a job at a produce cannery. Interviewed, got accepted. Showed up for work the first day and that’s where I found out I had to join the union. $100 initiation fee and $35 per month. The stated ‘benefit’ of joining the union was that they negotiated a starting wage of $4.03 per hour instead the then minimum wage of $3.35. You had 30 days to pay the fee and they would deduct the monthly from your paycheck.
    I worked 3 days and was ‘laid off’. Called me back 2 weeks later, worked 2 days and was ‘laid off’. Called me back another 2 weeks later and was told I owed the $100 fee. I told them they hadn’t worked or paid me enough to have earned $100. Didn’t matter. I told the union boss what I thought (which was highly uncomplimentary) and quit on the spot. The guy looked like I had turned down Santa Claus and Jesus at the same time. Highly satisfactory for an 18 year old. 33 years later I have never worked for a union shop.

  2. Deplorable B Woodman says:

    My best “I Quit” story was about 7-10 years ago (I think), I was between regular electronics jobs, and accepted a job as safety & security at a printed circuit board manufacturing plant. I worked rotating shifts; two days, two swing, two nights. Lather, rinse, repeat weekly. I was the “weekend” for the other safety & security people.Interesting place, but, of course, I never got enough sleep. After about a year – year & a half, I finally got another electronics job.
    The usual courtesy (and it’s just that, a courtesy, not a law, not even a regulation) is to give two weeks notice. But after seeing how the company (Chinese) treated their hires & fires (you only knew if you were getting fired if you found a pink slip in your paycheck envelope), I said “fuck it”. It was a Thursday or Friday, I told them that my last day was Saturday, I had a new job starting Monday.

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