Flynn Sentencing Postponed

This just in.

Mueller is postponing the sentencing of General Mike Flynn. Something BIG is around the corner. This postponement itself is big. The swamp is really draining and these demwits are circling the drain at a hastening rate. Time to pray seriously for our republic.

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1 Response to Flynn Sentencing Postponed

  1. Leonard Jones says:

    This could be very good news except in one respect. This could be a sign that
    the swamp-rats realize that if they do not find a graceful way out, they will be
    digging themselves into a deeper hole than they already in. My only reservation
    is that letting the entire rat’s nest walk away without criminal charges is leaving
    the conspirators staying where they are will leave them free to do the same
    thing in 2020.

    I am not opposed to allowing some of the small fish to resign in exchange for
    information on the big fishes. I want these fuckers out of government and
    I want to see some heads roll. That means Clinton, Comey, Strzuk, Debbie
    Blabbermouth Schultz, Hitlary, and Ubangi need to serve HARD time as a
    lesson to other people involved in this conspiracy who may never be

    Make no mistake about it, this was nothing less than attempted coup by
    the radical left, and a brazen attempt to subvert the republic!

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