Pit Bulls Attack and Kill

I don’t like Put Bulls.  I don’t trust Pit Bulls.   I have friends who think the sun rises and sets on Pit Bulls.   These friends and many others say it’s only how they’re raised that will determine if they’re  aggressive.  Personally  I don’t see how a few years in a “loving” household can overcome hundreds of years of breeding.   Every time you hear of a Pit Bull attacking someone the owners always say it was a loving family pet.   It dosen’t matter even if it’s their own child, it’s still a loving family pet.

Here  Pit Bulls mauled a woman to death on Christmas Eve.

Two pit bulls reportedly mauled a Kentucky woman to death and injured her husband during a gruesome attack on Christmas Eve.

The dogs—which belonged to the couple’s neighbor—fatally injured 66-year-old Lorraine Saylor with the attack on her neck, face and shoulder. Her husband, Johnny, sustained injuries to his head, arm and hand, local news station WYMT reported.

As the attack unfolded on Sunday morning, Johnny’s brother James Saylor, who lives next door, heard barking and quickly threw an object at the dogs to distract them long enough so he could get into the house.

“They had my brother halfway out the door, chewing on his arm,” he told WYMT.

Once free, Johnny retrieved a gun and shot both, but killed just one. The other dog escaped, and the Bell County Sheriff’s Department is currently searching for it.

In another case, a woman was killed when walking her two loving Pitt Bulls.   The local Sheriff and forensic experts say the dogs killed the woman but her friends say all the dogs would do is lick you to death.

Rumors swirled around the death of Bethany Lynn Stephens, a young woman from rural Virginia who, authorities said, was mauled to death by her dogs while out on a walk last week.

Many suspected that someone else killed her and doubted that the dogs were responsible. Goochland County Sheriff Jim Agnew said the misinformation, particularly on social media, was widespread and has complicated the investigation. So he decided to disclose one gruesome detail that he had been reluctant to divulge out of concern for Stephens’s family — in hopes of reassuring the public that there isn’t a killer on the loose.

Shortly after officers found Stephens’s body, guarded by her two dogs, they began talking about how to catch the animals. When they turned back around, they saw that the dogs had walked over to the body.

“I observed, as well as four other deputy sheriffs observed,” Agnew said, then paused before continuing, “the dogs eating the rib cage on the body.”

A friend of Stephens was later able to capture the dogs, the sheriff said.

Agnew held a news conference Monday afternoon, four days after Stephens’s father found her in a wooded area about a half-mile from a main road in Goochland, Va., a community about 30 miles outside Richmond. Authorities said the 22-year-old had been gone for about a day since leaving to walk her dogs, so her father went out to look for her in the area she frequented. There, he found the canines, guarding what he first thought was an animal carcass.

“Ms. Stephens was terribly, terribly injured, but it was very apparent to us that she had been dead for quite some time,” Agnew told reporters, adding later that the damage to her body “was so extensive that there was nothing left to compare bite marks to.”

Even when law enforcement observed the dogs eating the body, this woman’s friends are defending the dogs.

I like dogs and will again someday have another dog.   But, they’re only dogs, not humans and the problem is too many people are starting to think of dogs as humans.  People say they have “grand dogs” and “step dogs”.   A man can have no more loyal friend than a dog but it’s still only a dog.


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  1. bogsidebunny says:

    Dogs don’t kill people. People kill people.

  2. Deplorable B Woodman says:

    I have a miniature Schnautzer. He’s not a pit bull.

  3. I sure as hell won’t allow a Pit Bull in my household!

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