Liberal governor freed a guy from a life sentence under the habitual offender act.

Guy just arrested for murder.

Don’t you just love those fucking liberal assholes who think they’re being fair and non-discriminatory?

A man who was freed from a life sentence in prison by a benevolent governor is now back behind bars facing a murder charge.

Stonney Marcus Rivers, 50, was charged last week with first-degree murder in the drug robbery slaying of 24-year-old David Cabrera at a motel in Kent, Washington on November 2.

In 2015, then-Governor Christine Gregoire commuted Rivers’ life sentence to prison, which he received under a three-strikes law after being convicted of his third felony in 1995.

‘Rivers continues to commit crimes, even when he is on community custody and even after being given a once-in-a-lifetime second chance through a governor’s commutation,’ Senior Deputy Prosecutor John Castleton wrote in charging papers obtained by the Seattle Times.

A second man, Theneious Fisteral Swafford, 47, has also been charged with first-degree murder in the case.

Prosecutors believe that Swafford drove Rivers to the Golden Kent Motel on the morning of November 2, in a silver Lexus that he was in the process of buying.

Swafford went inside the motel room where Cabrera and his girlfriend were staying at around 7.30am, court documents say. Cabrera went to bed and his girlfriend was tidying the room when a second man burst into the unlocked motel room without knocking.

The second man pulled a gun from his waistband and shot Cabrera in the face, according to the charging papers. Cabrera’s girlfriend ran from the room and hid outside, then went to the motel office and asked the manager to call 911.

Police said they used surveillance video to identify the gunman as Rivers, matching the shooter with his driver’s-license photo and photos posted on social media.

Rivers was originally sentenced to life on a second-degree burglary charge.

He was apprehended on November 11, when he turned himself in on an unrelated identity theft charge.

Rivers is being held without bail on charges of first degree murder, second-degree assault, and identity theft.

He faces another life sentence if convicted in the murder.

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  1. Deplorable B Woodman says:

    Also, anyone in the judicial system involved in a three-striker’s release, needs to be imprisoned on a life sentence.
    Yeah, I’m looking at YOU; judges, DAs, prosecutors, governors, lawyers…….

  2. bogsidebunny says:

    Washington State is filled with former Cal-I-Fag-I-A liberals.

    Democrat Douche-bag former governor Christine Gregoire

    Some of her quotes that prove she’s a Major-League Liberal asshole:

    1: I want to work on respecting individuals’ dignity. Equal rights, that’s where my heart is. That means equal rights and benefits, and that’s what we need.

    2: The US government should not be in the business of discrimination.

    Ole Stonney Marcs rivers = Coon.

    Solution: Stirp her naked. Then put the ex-governor cunt in a room chained to the wall. Tell ole Stonney he has 1 hour to do anything, up to and including killing the bitch, to her. Toss him in and lock the door.

  3. Eskyman says:

    Anyone with a name like Theneious Fisteral Swafford should’ve been drowned at birth; so should Stonney Marcus Rivers (we know what momma was doing when she got knocked up, don’t we.)

    Locking them up is just a waste of taxpayer’s money. They won’t ever change; better to give each of them a lead pill & use them for landfill. The governor, too- she’s directly responsible for this last murder, which could have been prevented.

  4. BobF says:

    The only way justice could ever be possibly served in this case would be for the governor to have to serve the remainder of this persons sentence too.

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