He’s undone some of the over-reach by Obongo in making US lands inaccessible to tourists, farmers, etc.

President Donald Trump is traveling to Utah Monday to announce changes to the boundaries of two national monuments in the state: Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante, The Salt Lake Tribune reports.

Trump is will shrink the two monuments after reviewing recommendations from Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke.

In April, Trump ordered Zinke to conduct a review of all national monuments designated since 1996 covering more than 100,000 acres. Zinke completed the review and submitted his recommendations to the White House in August.

“The recommendations I sent to the president on national monuments will maintain federal ownership of all federal land and protect the land under federal environmental regulations, and also provide a much needed change for the local communities who border and rely on these lands for hunting and fishing, economic development, traditional uses, and recreation,” Zinke said in a statement after submitting his findings.

Environmentalists have sworn to sue as soon as Trump acts to roll back any designations, a power they believe does not exist under the Antiquities Act.

“This illegal action will cement Trump’s legacy as one of the worst presidents in modern history,” Center for Biological Diversity public lands program director Randi Spivak told The Salt Lake Tribune. “Trump has no clue how much people love these sacred and irreplaceable landscapes, but he’s about to find out. He’s shown his blatant disregard for public lands, Native Americans and the law. We look forward to seeing him in court.”

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4 Responses to TRUMP CAN’T STOP HERE

  1. Deplorable B Woodman says:

    Here in SLC, UT-land, there is a local publicly-funded (non-NPR) radio station ( that is planning a protest on Saturday against this reduction in the two FedGov grabbed lands.
    To hear them screech, you’d think that President Trump was just going to make the land disappear, POOF!, instead of just turning the land back over to the state, or re-designating it to some lesser park, or whatever. They yammer about the people that will be affected by this change, but never consider the people (ranchers, farmers, miners) who were affected by the original un-authorized land grab.

    BTW, they have bi-annual on-air fund raisers, to keep them b’casting, and talk about, “if you’re not contributing, you’re stealing”. I never contribute. Fa’keem!

  2. Call Me Infidel says:

    Trump has set the snowflakes into full meltdown today. Apparently he forwarded a twat by “far right” Britain First. The twat showed muzztards being muzztards. The left have piled onto the outrage bus. Trump is toying with these idiots. Once they have moved onto the next outrage the rest of the world will be asking so are these videos genuine? If so it doesn’t paint the “religion of peace” in a very good light.

  3. Eskyman says:

    We have to remember that so many of these “eco-freaks” actually hate people. It isn’t that they are actually afraid that the land will be ruined, it’s just that people will be able to use it like they’ve done in the past, and they hate that idea with a passion!

    These jerks want to make all land Federal land, then have laws preventing people from accessing it. Great for the animals maybe, but it sucks for people! “No, you can’t go walking there, you might step on a snail, or frighten a mountain lion! We must leave the land pristine, until all humans die off, then Gaia will be restored!” What a bunch of poppycock!

    The end-game is, all land will be owned by the FedGov; ordinary people will have to get permission to go onto that land, or do anything on it, or use it for any purpose. Eventually no one (except the VIPs, and you ain’t one of them) will ever get any permission. This is what has already happened to small ranchers & farmers. The Bundys are the last ranching family where there used to be hundreds. Now they’re all gone, the Fed has taken their livelihood away along with the land that they once ranched.

    To the FedGov, we’re the cattle, and all the land is theirs.

  4. Leonard Jones says:

    That is what we hired him to do. The left still cannot wrap their heads around
    the concept of a compulsive workaholic who puts in 16 to 18-hour workdays.
    That basically means he is going to get shit done!

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