What will it take for liberals and femi-nazis to finally understand their lifestyle choices, their hypocrisy and their double standards are why pieces of shit like Harry Weinstein, Al Franken, Kevin Spacey, Louis C.K., John Conyers got away with being sexual predators.

Women rail about wanting equal opportunity but throw their legs open for men in power. If they don’t throw their legs open they keep their mouths shut so as to be able to advance. Then, when they’re in positions of power themselves 40 years later, all of a sudden get all self righteous.

Well, Matt Lauer apparently shit his own bed and has been fired.

Makes me want to laugh my ass off.

Yet, still, leftists will adore them and hold them up as role models, never once realizing their perverts outnumbers conservatives 20-1.

Matt Lauer was fired from NBC News on Wednesday after an employee filed a complaint about “inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace,” the network announced.

Savannah Guthrie made the announcement at the top of the “Today” show. Lauer has been the cornerstone of the program, one of the most profitable franchises on television, for two decades.

NBC News chairman Andrew Lack said in a memo to staff that it was the first complaint lodged against Lauer in his career at the network. But he said “we were also presented with reason to believe this may not have been an isolated incident.”

Lauer was not immediately reachable for comment. An NBC News spokeswoman declined to comment about the details of the allegation against him.

Reporters for The New York Times had been investigating Lauer for several weeks, according to sources who had been contacted by the Times.

The firing removes one of the most recognizable personalities on television, and at a time when morning news programs are increasingly important to network news divisions.

Just last week, CBS News fired one of its own morning anchors, Charlie Rose, after a report in The Washington Post chronicled years of sexual misconduct.

Guthrie said she was informed just moments before going on the air.

“This is a sad morning at ‘Today’ and NBC News,” she said. “As I’m sure you can understand, we are devastated. I’m heartbroken for Matt. He is my dear, dear colleague.”

Guthrie also said she was heartbroken for the woman who accused Lauer of misconduct, noting “it’s long overdue” that women feel comfortable coming forward against abusive men.

Hoda Kotb, on the set with Guthrie, said she has known Lauer for years and “loved him as a friend and a colleague.”

“It’s hard to reconcile the man who walks in every day” with the person who was identified in the complaint, she said.

Lauer, 59, was named a co-anchor of “Today” in January 1997 after three years as the newsreader.

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  1. Deplorable B Woodman says:

    “Da chickens is comin’ home to roost”

    I can see the day, not too far in the future, when the Big Three Networks will HAVE to hire a “conservative” to be a news b’caster, because they won’t be able to find a Libtard that doesn’t have a sexual assault charge filed against him/her/himher/it.
    A guy can dream, can’t he?

  2. redneckgeezer says:

    Matt Lauer and his wife never divorced, but they haven’t lived together in ages. I’m sure she has a lot more insight into this than we’ll ever find out about. Was amusing to watch his “partners” whine and cry over him while they announced this tragic (NOT) news. He was a douche long before this and he’s still a douche. Maybe he can hook up with Lena Dunham since she likes to defend these poor slobs.

  3. Leonard Jones says:

    Breaking news, Garrison Keilor (a socialist icon) was just shown the door
    too. I think I have finally figured this out. The Democrat party is purging
    the perverts in their midst. When this was limited to Judge Roy Moore and
    a small number of Hollyweirdos, they realized they would eventually be
    hoisted by their own petard.

    Their policies of political correctness created the monster that is now in the
    process of devouring the left. When they started attacking Judge Moore,
    they started a series of events in motion that they could not control. If it
    was limited only to Moore and Spacey, no big deal but sooner or later a
    Democrat politician was going to have a finger pointed at him.

    Woodman got me thinking about this by offering an opinion that suggested
    the recent Project Veritas story was preemptively leaked by the Washington
    Compost in order for them to get out in front of the story. For as long as I
    have been alive and going back to the turn of the 20th century, the Democrat
    party has been the party of situational ethics and moral relativism. This came
    with the package when they bought into collectivist (socialist) philosophy.

    When I started seeing signs of a Democrat party meltdown, I was giddy.
    Their campaign coffers are running on empty and they have lost about
    1,200 seats nationally since Ubangi was elected. The number of
    Republican governors are at an all-time high. Half of the Democrat
    mega-donors, their kept whores in the press and their pals in
    Hollywood have been caught up in sex scandals. I could have never
    even dreamed of the scope of the meltdown the Democrat party is
    now experiencing.

    The Donks are taking their entire party infrastructure down in an attempt to
    minimize the damage when their politicians are denounced by Robespierre.
    I have said this many times, but it bears repeating: The Republican party
    is less corrupt on the whole because the Democrats kept whores in the
    media hold them to a higher standard. Since the Democrat party has not
    been held to any moral standard since they embraced the sexual revolution,
    I am surprised this meltdown did not start decades ago.

    And all the while, Trump is driving them to the brink of insanity one Tweet at
    a time! He knows how to play the media for fools. What’s not to love about this?

  4. Eskyman says:

    Excellent take, L.J. I think you’ve got it!

    Let the bloodletting continue! Keep the tumbrils rolling! I’m happy watching the destruction!

  5. BobF says:

    What if this is just a ruse?

    Matt Lauer has been the anchor of the Today Show for twenty years. He’s an icon at NBC and you’re going to tell me just Monday night a female colleague comes forth with “allegations”…just allegations…of sexual misconduct and they immediately fire him; no investigation, no interviews, just you’re fired. As far as we know, never had any allegations in the time he’s been there although some women are now saying things happened years past. But, until Monday, he was squeaky clean.

    NBC is going to be blowing its horn while riding high upon their self-righteous high horse saying they fired their Top Dog based on allegations and allegations alone. No proof, no nothing, just allegations. Their horn is going to be pointed directly at Alabama in hopes that folks in Alabama will follow their lead and dump Roy Moore based on allegations alone.

    Now here’s the ruse. If Alabama fails to elect Roy Moore, further investigation may reveal that the allegations against Matt Lauer have proven false and he’s going to be rehired. There will be a big kumbaya love fest on the Today Show when he returns as they celebrate.

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