They shot a POS in a mall.

The POS lived.

A suspected shoplifter was shot by a police officer at a busy mall after allegedly reaching for a replica handgun.

The male suspect was thought to have been stealing sunglasses at the mall in Arlington, Texas, when an officer opened fire, believing the replica gun to be real.

Police said the man fled from security and got on the escalator to the second floor, near the food court, the NYDailyNews reports.

He pulled out what police said was later found to be an fake gun, pointing it at the police officer on the first floor.

Police spokesman Lt. Christopher Cook says the incident occurred on Sunday afternoon after a theft was reported at a store inside The Parks at Arlington mall.

The suspect tried to flee from security before going up an escalator toward the food court, police said.

Footage captures the immediate aftermath of the shooting as a police officer stands over the man on a halted escalator.

A separate video caught by a passerby was captioned with: ‘Dude got shot right in front of me, I’m done’.

Cook said the male suspect then pulled a replica handgun from his waistband and was shot by an officer who thought the weapon was real.

Following the shooting, Arlington Police Chief Will Johnson tweeted: ‘It is nearly impossible to determine the authenticity of a real versus fake gun,’

Sharing the photo of the fake weapon, he added: ‘There is no training that would allow officers to distinguish between what’s real & what’s fake in a matter of seconds.

‘Replica imitation firearms/BB guns have no place in society when used in criminal endeavors.’

The unidentified suspect was taken to an area hospital. His condition is not yet known.

Police said no one else was injured. The mall closed early as police evacuated the remaining shoppers.

The investigation is ongoing.

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  1. redneckgeezer says:

    Morons have infected society for eons. This one almost had his Darwin moment, but alas, society was not so fortunate.

  2. Deplorable B Woodman says:

    Has he already polluted the Gene Pool (children)?

  3. bogsidebunny says:

    ***”The unidentified suspect was taken to an area hospital. His condition is not yet known.”***

    1) Suspect? No a Criminal.

    2) Baboon? 99.9% certain.

  4. Nobody can shoot for shit in a surprise panic situation. However, the cops know this is part of their job, but few of them get much range time, and fewer still practice those shoot/don’t shoot scenarios. And it’s a no-win for them anyway. If they did practice, and got real good, and started offing bad guys at 60 yards with a single quick draw pistol shot, the media would label them all assassins and wild west trained killers. In a heartbeat. You know they would.

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