Argentina got slammed with up to 5 feet of rain and hail.

I’ve got to wonder if the reporting is bullshit because 5 FEET of rain? And hail?

Not according to this video.

Vehicles traveling through central Argentina on Thursday were stopped dead when a storm dumped five feet of rain and hail in a matter of minutes, the Independent reports.

The storm swept through the province of Cordoba, closing roads, damaging property and trees, stranding drivers and forcing evacuations. One motorcyclist was trapped by the hail and had to be treated for hypothermia.

Some of the pieces of hail were as large as tennis balls. Despite the widespread destruction, few injuries have been reported, according to the Daily Mail.

Fire Chief Martin Bustos issued an early warning of the storm, but no meteorologist had foreseen or expected a storm the size of the one that hit. The storm was “such an impressive phenomenon,” authorities told the Daily Mail.

Emergency crews were forced to come out and clear the roads of a layer of ice balls that covered vehicles headlights.

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