Tony Podesta Threatens Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson had a good piece, in which he identifies Company A and Company B in the Manafort indictment. That would be the Mercury Group, run by Republican Vin Weber and the Podesta Group, run by Tony Podesta, brother of John Podesta. Tony saw fit to threaten Tucker Carlson and Fox News, which I’m sure will go a long way… not!

Carlson talks of the threat about 6:58 into the video, but you really need to watch the whole thing.

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2 Responses to Tony Podesta Threatens Tucker Carlson

  1. B Woodman says:

    Threatening Tucker? For telling the truth? THAT’S going to go over well.

  2. Leonard Jones says:

    I just got hit in the fucking head with a brick!

    I watched or heard an Alan Dershowitz interview. One of the points that he made
    was that if Mueller was attempting to use Paul Manafort and Rick Gates to get
    the bigger fish (Trump,) he really sucks at this job.

    Another legal beagle laid out the process; Get some small Minnow to wear a wire.
    Use this to hook a larger fish. Then use that larger fish to catch the big one. This
    sounds like this guys scenario but there is a problem: Manafort and Gates can
    do NOTHING to implicate Trump the way this turned out. The Greek kid with the
    mile long last name was given a slap on the wrist. The only two people who
    got their tits in a wringer are Manafort and Gates.

    Now, add Tucker Carleson and his report the indictments mentioned company A
    and company B. One company involved Manafort and Gates and the other
    the sleazy Podesta brothers. The moment these indictments were handed
    down the Podesta brothers started scattering like Cockroaches. Trump may
    not be the target! The people arrested first are the ones you lure into a
    plea bargain in exchange for evidence implicating a bigger fish.

    If that involves the Podesta brothers, the real targets are the Clinton’s
    and the real Russian conspiracy!

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