Every once in a while I will flip on the radio to listen to local stuff while I’m making coffee or prepping lunch, etc.

Soon as a commercial comes on I generally turn it off and then it stays off until the next time I am in the kitchen.

Anyway, today I was listening and somehow was not paying enough attention when a commercial came on for that bullshit “Name a Star For Someone” nonsense came on. As it happened, just when I started paying attention was when he announced the price.


That’s right. Some jackweed sitting in a basement prints off a piece of paper with your name on it and you get a star named after you.

And there’s nothing “official” about it as only one agency is authorized to name celestial bodies. They do it for free but the process is long and the person must be deserving.

There are 79 million, zillion quintillion stars in the skies and you’re supposed to believe this is so special.

I first heard commercials for these at the turn of the century.

It used to cost $39.95 yet somehow, even though stars, as a commodity, have not decreased in numbers, the price of the product has almost doubled.

Yet dumbass Americans keep buying.

There truly is a sucker born every minute.

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  1. bogsidebunny says:

    Since I recently had a colonoscopy and the doctor removed 6 polyps I’ve decided to run a little deal past the doctor. Hey doc; how about when you pop a green, purple or black polyp out of someone’s butt hole put the little fella in a individual decorative vial then pour in formaldehyde and seal the vial. Then we can hawk them to the previous owners under the sales pitch name your polyp after a loved one and keep it forever on your mantelpiece. It’d be a great conversation piece and will break-the-ice when someone new pops in. Like when your son or daughter brings home a special person. I figure well price ’em at $149.99 and they’ll go like hotcakes We’ll give a discount for multiple purchases. What do ya think doc? That was about 6 weeks ago and he hasn’t got back to me yet.

  2. Just wait until we get to jump FTL to “Liz’s Star” and find out the natives are PISSED OFF about that name, and decide to goto war against us….

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