15 ragheads raped a rabid donkey.

No, really, they did.

I won’t so sloppy seconds with a woman, much less a donkey.

But who the fuck would be 15th?

Jackasses! No wonder the only thing we see from ragheads is mental diseases, violence, incest, etc. They do nothing to further the cause of humanity…except make it inhuman.

The shocking incident left the families of the youngsters “in distress and horror.”

It was also claimed the actual number infected could be a lot higher as many families took their sons for treatment at hospitals outside the immediate area to avoid shame.

The infected boys stayed at the Mechraa Belksiri Hospital for one week to receive rabies vaccination.

Local authorities are now trying to find anyone else who has “approached” or “admired” the animal closely to limit further spread of disease.

The occurrence quickly became the subject of mockery and ridicule among the population of the small town.

However, it has also become a subject of fear and shame for parents who, in the utmost secrecy, had their children vaccinated in case they had touched the animal.

The local authorities ordered the owner of the animal to slaughter it to avoid further risk of spreading the disease.

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  1. Jim McFalls says:

    This never happens with Baptists.

  2. bogsidebunny says:

    They raped a rabid donkey knowingly, because it was the best option they had. Other candidates were Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and Shelia Jackson-Lee.

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