And she was.

She was right, in principle, wrong in execution.

A video captures a woman’s foul-mouthed rant in McDonald’s after she sees an employee ‘eat Cheetos, lick her fingers, and then give a customer their food’.

The video starts with her walking into the frame dumping a bag of Cheetos on the floor.

She says: ‘She just ate these, licked her fingers, and put it on food. On our food that y’all are eating, she just ate them, licked her fingers, and did it.’

An amused bystander filmed the whole altercation. At one point she notices him filming and comes up to the camera to say what is happening.

‘We is at McDonald’s and this girl over here took and dug into a Cheeto bag, licked her fingers, and then grabbed the customer’s food,’ she said, complete with hand gestures.

‘We don’t want that nasty s**t. We don’t know if she been sucking d**k, licking p***y, we don’t know what the hell she been doing. Nasty b***h,’ she continued.

The video then cuts to an employee trying to remove the woman from the restaurant. She is outside, but then comes back in and accuses the man of hitting her.

She said: ‘B***h you just punched me in my g*****n face. You’re going to jail b***h. F*****g p***y b***h.’

She then leaves, but returns to get her wallet.

The woman appears to try and go behind the counter, and the man says she is not allowed there.

She then throws a black box at the man standing behind the counter.

The frustrated employee has had it by this point, and attempts to physically remove the woman who keeps hitting him.

The woman starts to leave the store and the video ends.

It is unknown where in the U.S. this video was filmed.

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  1. bogsidebunny says:

    I don’t go to or eat the food in any Fast Food shithole. Let’s face it the majority of their employees are Negros or Latinos who hate White Northern-Europeans and have no trouble in “gettin’ back” at the slave owning crackers.

  2. BobF says:

    Bogs, at least in most fast food places you can see them prepare the food. In a sit-down restaurant, who knows what is happening back in the kitchen?

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