CNN Creates Their Own Rescue

Seems CNN staged a rescue for one of their correspondents.    It’s either that or the correspondent is able to quick change behind a sign like Superman.

In CNN’s own video, you’ll see the correspondent with a red wind breaker and as he runs behind the sign, you can see him wearing shorts and sandals.  There seems to be a break (edit) and they you’ll see the correspondent emerge wearing black pants and boots.

Watch it here

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2 Responses to CNN Creates Their Own Rescue

  1. bogsidebunny says:

    I guess you could call the asshole a “dip shit”.

  2. Eskyman says:

    CNN puzzles me, in many ways. They seem to be determined to shoot down whatever credibility they have, and since they have practically none to begin with I just can’t see why.

    You’d think that someone there would decide to play it straight, at least for a while to build up viewer confidence, but you’d be wrong. They keep pulling stunts like this and they won’t even have the 11% approval rate that they enjoy now. I mean, they’re right down there with Congress as far as disapproval goes!

    Oh well. I never understood why Jerry Lewis (R.I.P.) was so popular either, “duh, I’se so stoopid” slapstick just doesn’t amuse me much. CNN must be as stoopid as they seem to think we are, I guess.

    Seems to me that there’s a huge opening for a news outlet that actually provides straight news. But then, OANN does that pretty well and not a lot of people seem to know about it; maybe that will change, I hope so!

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