It’s time to turn some fathers loose with heavily slivered baseball (or cricket) bats and see how inventive they can become with them on these assholes (literally.)

A member of the mostly-Muslim Newcastle sex grooming gang, which preyed on teenage girls, once told a female ticket inspector: “White women are good for only one thing – for people like me to f*** and use as trash.”

Badrul Hussain, 37, (pictured, right) was found guilty of four drug offences Wednesday as part of ‘Operation Sanctuary’, the UK’s largest investigation into grooming gangs since Rochdale and Rotherham.

Mr Hussain made the expletive-laden comment after being caught travelling without a ticket on the Tyne and Wear Metro in 2014 by a white female rail employee, The Times reports, laying bare his contemptuous attitude to non-Muslim women.

Many other defendants claimed that their victims were liars and Habibur Rahim, 34, (pictured, left) who was convicted of human trafficking and rape, claimed, “the police were racist”.

However, the weight of evidence against the men in the massive investigation was strong. The court heard how gangs of groomers who were friends and relatives, mainly of Pakistani and Bangladeshi origin, raped, trafficked, and drugged white women from troubled backgrounds.

The Times also reported the story of one 13-year-old victim who was collected from a children’s home, drugged with cocaine and mephedrone, and raped by up to seven men at so-called “sessions”, or sex parties, held by the groomers.

During the investigation, a young adult with learning difficulties also made allegations of sex offences in Newcastle and described sex-grooming “parties” in the city.

After four trials over two years, 17 men of Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Indian, Iraqi, Iranian, and Turkish heritage were found guilty of 87 sex and drug offences.

Also convicted was a young white woman, Carolann Gallon, 22, who lured younger girls to the groomers and has admitted trafficking for sexual exploitation.

Jim Hope, from the Crown Prosecution Service, said Wednesday: “These men systematically groomed and abused vulnerable teenage girls and young women over a number of years for their own sexual gratification.”

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  1. Some time ago there was a political party in Britain called the British National Party. I wasn’t a fan as they had in their ranks some hard line anti semites and a lot of their policies were socialist in nature. Things like nationalisiing the railways and utilities. Their leader was a man called Nick Griffin. He was filmed and “exposed’ by the media as being an “islamaphobe” because he had the audacity to state that there were muslim rape gangs operating in cities throughout Britain.

    The police were going to charge him with hate crimes etc. However move forward a decade or so and its all cming to light. In one city Rotherham the muzzbot paedo-viles had raped thousand of white chldren. The police, local councils(all socialist I might add) and social workers all covred it up for “community cohesion.

    Now the Labour scum, or at least a few of them are calling it what it is, a muslim hate crime. However they are only doing that to save their worthless necks. They know that the working class voters wont vote for them any more as they have seen through their about diversity and political correctness.

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