Make no mistake: the reporting in this story sucks dog ass.

Guy wants his engagement ring back.

Like a dumb fuck he spent $48,000 on it.

What’s not covered is who split from whom.

A New York tech executive is suing his ex for the $48,000 engagement ring he gave her before their relationship fell apart.

Joe DiTomaso, 42, had dated Jamie Cohen, 36, since 2011 before becoming engaged and making her his fiancee two years later.

Believing she was the one, he splashed out on an expensive diamond ring to show her his love and bought $12,000 in pricey furniture for the couple’s apartment and a new pet dog.

But the pair split before tying the knot and Cohen took the lot including the dog, Blu, the fancy furniture and she kept the bling too.

Now DiTomaso is suing her in an attempt to get everything back along with $65,000 in damages.

Joseph DiTomaso is suing his ex for the return of a $48,000 engagement ring and his dog
In a lawsuit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court,DiTomaso, alleges that his former flame took $12,000 of furniture, their pet dog, Blu, and refuses to return her $48,300 engagement ring
Joseph DiTomaso, 42, (left) is suing his ex Jamie Cohen, 36, (right) for the return of a $48,000 engagement ring and the pet dog that she took when the pair broke up

DiTomaso, who is CEO of a hotel search engine, All the Rooms, met Cohen when she came to work for the company.

In a lawsuit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court and seen by the Daily News, after the couple separated, DiTomaso only saw the dog one more time in 2015.

He is now suing his former beau and demanding she return the $48,300 ring – along with the dog and damages of $65,000.

The lawsuit alleges that after the couple broke up, Cohen took all the furniture from their condo while he was out.

‘To date, none of DiTomaso’s furniture, furnishings and possessions have been returned,’ the suit reads.

‘DiTomaso owned his dog named Blu prior to defendant moving in with him,’ the court papers read. ‘DiTomaso is entitled to immediate return of his dog.’

Neither DiTomaso nor Cohen have commented on the pending litigation.

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  1. bogsidebunny says:

    The broad’s a Gold-digger.

    DeTomaso = Ginzo. Cohen = JAP.

    I rest my case.

  2. Dan says:

    Sadly the odds of him prevailing are poor….at best. He will be looked at as rich white and privileged by the blackrobed pirate who hears this and she will win simply by being split between the legs.

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