Burkini clad muslima sent bill for pool cleaning:

A swimmer has spoken of her shock after she was allegedly handed a £440 cleaning bill for wearing a burkini in a French swimming pool.

The woman, named as Fadila, was getting in the pool while on holiday with her family near Marseille when a member of staff reportedly told other guests to get out.

She claims her husband was then contacted by the site’s owner, who allegedly told him to prevent her going swimming for the remainder of their stay.

The couple also say the man gave them a €490 (£440) bill to pay to have the pool emptied and cleaned. The fee also included compensation for damages because the site would be out of use for two days.

Fadila told the United Against Islamophobia in France (CCIF) charity: ‘I was disappointed, shocked, wounded by the fact that someone could be so hypocritical and wicked because of a burkini.’

A burkini is a modesty swimsuit that covers everything but the wearer’s face, hands and feet.

The CCIF claims Fadila’s was specially designed for swimming and therefore could not have caused a hygiene issue.

The couple refused to pay the bill to which the owner allegedly reacted by taking the money from their account without issuing an invoice.

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3 Responses to TOO FUNNY AND ….TOO BAD!

  1. dekare says:

    Ok…I’m confused. The article does not say how the pool was contaminated. Just the fact that a burkini entered the pool would not be enough. There has to be a serious and visible contamination. Hell, most hotel and public pools have more than their fair share of pee and “other” contaminates than anyone really wants to know about. I call BS unless there is more to this story than is told.

  2. bogsidebunny says:

    A pool contamination test conducted in Canada showed:

    Over a three-week period the testers calculated that swimmers had released 75 liters of urine – enough to fill a medium-sized dustbin – into a large pool (about 830,000 liters, one-third the size of an Olympic pool) and 30 liters into a second pool, around half the size of the first.

    Piss in the pool is pretty common, but knowing rag-heads the pool owners probably noticed a few unwrapped baby ruths bobbing around.

  3. Leonard Jones says:

    Something tells me it was a LOT more than the Burkini! What does one expect
    from people who are shitting in the streets all over Europe?

    There was an old joke about hotel manager telling a guest he had to leave. When
    the guys asked why the manager replied: “For peeing in the pool.” The guest
    said, “But everybody pees in the pool.” The manager replied: “Yeah, but not from
    the fucking high dive!”

    There was a field foreman I worked with at a place we called the “Turd Farm.
    (Terminal Island Treatment Plant) Having watched the movie, (I am sure)
    he started referring to the little brown floaters as “Snickers Bars.” I have
    been unable to pass a candy counter without thinking of Tim after that.

    My guess is that the cunt either discharged a Snickers Bar or even worse, a
    big brown cloud resulting from a major case of the Hershey squirts!

    Allahu Snackbar!

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