He tells the New York Times to clear out all white workers and replace them with the crop of immigrants arriving into the US: poor, uneducated, stupid, lazy.

White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller went toe-to-toe with New York Times reporter Glenn Thrush during Wednesday’s White House press briefing over a new plan backed by Trump to move to a merit-based system for foreigners applying for legal permanent status.

Thrush asked Miller to cite specific statistics showing that American workers are hurt by low-skilled immigration, and said other studies have shown there isn’t a correlation between the low-skilled immigration negatively impacting American workers.

Miller cited specific authors of studies reiterating his point, but Thrush pushed back on Miller’s comments.

Miller then jokingly told Thrush that they could make a carve-out in the bill to specifically allow the New York Times to take in as many unskilled workers as they want, at the cost of creating jobs for American citizens.

“Maybe we’ll make a carve out in the bill that says the New York Times can hire all the low-skilled, less-paid workers they want from other countries and see how you feel then about low wage substitution,” he said. “This is a reality that’s happening in our country. Maybe it’s time we have compassion for American workers.”

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  1. dekare says:

    Notice the part where the asshole asks Miller to cite the specific statistics showing that Americans are hurt by illegal immigration?

    They only seem to ever ask for statistics when it benefits THEM. Why do they NOT present statistics when it comes to taking guns away from law-abiding citizens. Why do they not ask for the statistics when it comes to solar and wind power versus traditional energy sources? Why do they not ask for statistics when it comes to minorities committing violent crimes versus whites? What about statistics about voter fraud?

    The fact is, statistics words AGAINST liberals most of the time. That is why statistics are either ignored or skewed in their favor. They are asking for statistics here because they know a study hasn’t been done. So they are basically claiming that a LACK of statistics proves their point. The truth is that if a study was done, it would once again, prove the left wrong. The reason no study has been done or statistics worked up is that for the simple fact, it isn’t necessary. I do not need statistics to prove to me that illegals are bad for this country. You know how I know that? Because our govt made a law making people who break into our country illegally a crime. Our congress at one time, both parties together, made it illegal to come here without first going through a process.

    If the left wants to let illegals in this country, then simply change the law and make it legal to do so. Go on record as being against a process of coming into America, claim to the world that you think everyone should come to America without any bothering to find out who they are and what their intentions may be. Tell us that you do not care if they have a skill and will provide a benefit or if they are leeches and instantly want free housing, welfare, and a piece of our treasury that they contributed not a single dime to. CHANGE THE LAW. Get you buddies together and strike it down. Until then, I do not need a stinking study to know that illegals are bad for my country. A law is on the books, and breaking it is a crime. Lawmakers love to create laws by the bushel, slowing turning honest men and women into criminals every day, and making sure they are punished for doing something that just yesterday, was perfectly okay. But for some reason, they refuse to recognize that people who come here and break the law the moment the cross the border should be held to the law and should be punished. Nope, they only go after American citizens who believe in following the law…not after illegal alien criminals that have no problem ignoring our laws….funny isn’t it?

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