Leader of child rape gang (a vile, verminous raghead, of course) given 22 year sentence will be freed after serving only 5 years.

I can only hope the fathers of those girls are waiting for him, camouflaged from authorities, and as soon as he steps out they fill his ass with lead.

Better yet, they kidnap him, LITERALLY fill his ass with a massive lead dildo, then shoot him using .22s so he doesn’t die too quickly. Knees first. Then elbows. Then gouge one eye out. Then cut off his hands searing the stumps with a blowtorch.

Finally, another ass reaming, a gutting and a bullet to the brain.

Afterwards, hunt down his family and tell them to get the fuck out of the country or they’d be next.

No accommodation, no appeasement, no kowtowing to Muslim rapists and jihad killers is too much for the British government. Do they really think that their gestures of kindness will be met with reciprocal gestures of kindness from the other side? They’re in for a rude surprise.

Britain is doomed.

“Mubarek Ali, leader of child sex gang that abused girls in Telford, to be freed 17 years early,” by Ludovica Iaccino, International Business Times, July 30, 2017:

The convicted leader of a child sex gang that operated in England will be released from prison 17 years earlier, according to reports.

Mubarek Ali, one of a number of member who helmed of the Telford-based gang, was sentenced to 22 years in jail for crimes including assaulting girls as young as 13.

However, just five years into his sentence, he has been told he could walk free as early as November.

Ali, 34, was captured as part of a police investigation called Operation Chalice in 2013. During the trial at the Worcester Crown Court, four girls aged between 13 and 16 gave evidence of the abuse they had been subjected to by the gang member between 2007 and 2009.

At the time, Deborah Gould, prosecuting, warned the jury that as the trial unfolded they would be introduced to a world “that I expect few of you were aware of”.

It is believed most of the girls involved thought they were “loved and in love” with the men at the time, the prosecution explained.

Telford MP Lucy Allan criticised the decision to free him, arguing he would be allowed to go back into the community where his victims continue to live.

In an open letter sent to the paper, Allan said the victims, who had not been informed of Ali’s early release, are “living in fear”.

“Victims and members of the public would have expected a 22-year sentence to mean that the community could have time to heal and victims would be able to get on with their lives,” she said.

“What we see in this case is that the one of the main perpetrators is being released into the community only five years after the trial. This is clearly of enormous concern to victims in this case, especially those who gave evidence in court.

“What is unacceptable that in this case there was no attempt by the authorities to reach out these young women and prepare them for this wholly unexpected event,” Allan continued….

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  1. bogsidebunny says:

    This rag-headed asshole makes O.J. look good. And the Islamic shit-head served less time than the Juice to boot.

  2. B Woodman says:

    Once these muzzies are released from prison, how DO they get home? If at any time they are unescorted by any Gooberment Authoritah, THEN will be the time to ambush and just make him……..disappear. No pronouncements, no “look what happens to you”, just…….disappear. If it’s anywhere close to the coast, take him for a boating and swimming lesson……about 5 miles from shore.
    The mystery of a disappearance will have a far greater psychological effect on the remaining muzzies then anything else.

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