They are advising people not to visit the state.

Given no one really pays attention to these assclowns other than their similarly pigmented assclown kind…. and liberal morons, the Governor of Missouri ought to send them a thank you note for making the state not only saner but safer.

The NAACP is planning to move forward with a travel advisory warning people to steer clear of Missouri because of the state’s alleged discrimination issues.

Delegates for the NAACP voted on the advisory last week that cautions black people, the gay community and disabled people from visiting the state, reports the News- Leader.

Marla Marantz, a NAACP Springfield chapter, member insisted that it is not a boycott over Missouri, but instead a caution for people to be careful when visiting the state.

“Our ongoing issues of racial profiling, discrimination, harassment and excess violence towards people of color have been further exacerbated by the passage and signing of (Senate Bill) 43,” Cheryl Clay, Springfield’s NAACP president, said in a statement to the News-Leader.

The travel advisory comes on the heels of Missouri’s Senate Bill 43, which forces people who file discrimination lawsuits related to their jobs to prove discrimination was the sole reason they were fired. The NAACP’s advisory also refers to a report that shows black drivers are pulled over at higher rates than white ones.

“It just has me more on guard about certain areas that I can travel to or even certain times about being out,” said Candice Bennett, a Florida visitor to the state.

The NAACP also launched an economic boycott over North Carolina’s transgender bathroom bill last year. The chapter president, William Barber, tried to get the rest of the NAACP to join in.

“Some people like to say this is Democrat versus Republican, but this is extremism,” he said at a news conference in December. “This is a party that has been hijacked by extremists who are afraid they cannot win if things are fair.”

The NAACP did not return The Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for additional comment in time for publication.

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  1. bogsidebunny says:

    I was considering going to St. Louis for a return visit to the arch. But I’ll heed the dictate of the NAACP and not go because I might be discriminated against and that really fucking scares me. Instead I’ll play it safe and take a long weekend tour of Chicago’s South Side wearing my “KKK lapel pin” . Phew, At least I know the folks there won’t “discriminate” against me for my choice of fraternal organizations.

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