Some asswipe rapper/Hollyweirdo is pissed that Trump wants cops to “rough up” thugs a little more.

Of course, liberals rushed in to defend the criminals.

Chris Brown has some choice words for President Donald Trump.

The R&B singer tore into Trump this weekend on Instagram calling him “crazzy [sic],” after the president delivered a speech urging rougher treatment of suspects in police custody.

“Don’t be too nice,” Trump told a group of law enforcement officers Friday during a speech in Suffolk County, N.Y.

He added that he thinks it’s unnecessary for officers to protect suspects’ heads when placing them in patrol cars. “Like when you guys put somebody in the car, and you’re protecting their head … like, don’t hit their head, and they just killed somebody,” Trump told the crowd. “I said, ‘you can take the hand away, ok?’”

The controversial speech was meant to highlight White House efforts to crack down on the international criminal gang known as MS-13.

Trump also urged Congress to provide more funding to local police departments and said his administration is making every effort to step up border enforcement and remove MS-13 members from the United States.

“We’d like to get them out a lot faster — and when you see these towns, and when you see these thugs being thrown into the back of a paddy wagon, you just see them thrown in, rough, I said, ‘Please don’t be too nice.’”

Those comments didn’t go over too well with Brown, who’s no stranger to the police himself. Most recently, last year, he was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon after a disturbance at his Tarzana home.

“WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FU–?????! HE GIVING POLICE MORE RIGHT TO FU– UP YOUNG BLACK MEN!!” Brown wrote in an expletive-laden post on his Instagram page along with a clip of Trump’s speech taken from a CNN broadcast.

Brown went on to call the president’s comments “crazzy” and told his 39 million followers, “This is not how u make peace or any kind of help. Please wake up people!”

Many of Brown’s followers agreed with his assessment.

Others pushed back, with one commenter asking Brown, “Why does it have to be ‘black men’?”

While some people in the crowd cheered Trump’s speech, the Suffolk County Police Department immediately tried to distance itself from the president’s comments, tweeting Friday: “The SCPD has strict rules & procedures relating to the handling of prisoners. Violations of those rules are treated extremely seriously.”

Trump’s comments also sparked a strong rebuke from members of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Officer Deon Joseph, who leads LAPD outreach efforts on skid row, tweeted: “Ladies and gentlemen. If you really believe I’m going to start roughing up suspects because of a dumb remark by POTUS. You are mistaken.”

In response to Joseph’s comment, Chief Charlie Beck wrote on Twitter: “If an officer acts outside the law, it serves only to undermine the hard work and sacrifice they make to keep this city safe.”

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  1. bogsidebunny says:

    For Liberals criminals are victims and victims deserve the beating, rape or death because they were the instigators. They scream: “A killer of a family of 6 is a victim and the death penalty is cruel for a cretin who tortured, raped, beat and burned to death a peaceful family.”

  2. Call me Infidel says:

    I dont have a problem with the police roughing up the guilty. Unfortunately the police here have become the enforcers of the politically correct mob. They are more likely to prosecute someone for hate speech against their new muzzbot pets than they are to catch terrorists. In the good old days they had a favourite trick for dealing with suspects. They would roll them up in carpet and give them a good kicking. There are plenty of scumbags that deserve that these days.

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