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CNN Producer: Trump Probably Right, It’s A Witch Hunt.

From The Daily Caller In the hidden camera video, John Bonifield, a supervising producer at CNN Health, talks about how CNN uses the Trump-Russia allegations to boost ratings and how directions to focus on it have come from CNN’s CEO Jeff … Continue reading

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18 Million To Buy Grape Juice

Chuck Schumer Says Feds Will Spend $18,000,000 to Buy Grape Juice to Subsidize Vineyard Owners ( – Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D.-N.Y.) and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D.-N.Y.) announced yesterday that the federal government will spend up to $18,000,000 to … Continue reading

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From The Guy Who’s Surrounded By Walls, Metal Detectors, and Guards

Pope Francis: prioritise migrants’ dignity over national security Pope Francis has issued a 20-point action plan to governments on refugees and migrants to try to galvanise their response to an issue seen by the Vatican as one of the biggest … Continue reading

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Don Lemon Is a Trans-Cognitive

Seems appropriate to call morons “trans-cognitive” in keeping with all this PC bullshit. Here is trans-cog Don Lemmon arguing with a guest about AntiFa violence.

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White House Petition to Label AntiFa a Terrorist Organization

A petition has been created to label AntiFa as a terrorist organization. As of my signing up, there were a little over 236,000 signatures. I’m not one to sign up for anything on the internet because it’s usually an invitation … Continue reading

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