If ever someone looked like a meth head it’s this POS who brought along her 10 year old to commit crimes.

A Florida woman was arrested after she brought her 10-year-old child along in the getaway vehicle she drove during an armed robbery.

Police say that Christina Gaud, 30, was driving the car Friday night when her accomplice, 33-year-old Rodney Snow, robbed a convenience store in Ocala.

Sheriff’s deputies saw a masked man leave the shop at the intersection of State Road 200 and SW 80th Street, and run into a waiting car.

The car then fled from deputies before crashing less than a mile down the road.

According to police, Snow ran from the vehicle and shot himself in a wooded area. He is currently in the hospital in critical condition, reported the Orlando Sentinel.

It is currently unclear how Snow and Gaud are related. Deputies found the child, uninjured, inside the crashed car.

Gaud, of Summerfield, is being held at Marion County Jail on charges of robbery with a firearm, fleeing police and felony child neglect.

The child is with state child protective services while the Florida Department of Children and Families works to find safe placement.

This is not the first time such a situation has occurred.

Asia Griffin, 26, was charged with theft and child neglect after police say she left her child behind when she tried to steal almost $200 in groceries.

When a store manager at a Publix in Tamarac, Florida, grabbed the shopping cart to stop Griffin and a friend from leaving, they ran off, leaving behind the groceries and the child.

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  1. BobF says:

    She’s too fat to be a meth head. They’re usually skinny with a mouth of rotting teeth.

  2. dekare says:

    How is this not surprising to me. Her child could have been killed. Aren’t mothers supposed to care about their children? What is wrong with some parents?

    Want to know how disgusting some parents are…let me tell you about one i encountered during a call for service.

    My most disgusted moment as a police officer was when I received a call of a small white boy, about 4 years old, wandering the streets of “da hood” in a place where NO WHITE CHILDREN belonged. When I arrived, I saw the most adorable boy, very blonde hair, blue eyes, dressed in denim overalls, little work boots, and a colorful striped shirt. He was terrified and crying, yelling out for his mother. When I asked him his name, all he knew was his first name.

    After a few moments of canvassing the area, we learned that a he was kicked out of a home several blocks away, that we knew was occupied by a black man in a wheelchair…a man we knew as a prominent local drug dealer. So, I go question him, and find out that the dealer sent the boy out of his home to sit on the porch, because his mother, who was there to buy drugs but had no money, left him there, telling him she would be back in a few moments. After over an hour, the dealer said he didn’t want to get in trouble for having the boy in his home and put him out on the porch and told him to wait for hism mother to come get him. However, the boy walked off in search of his mom. He started walking the streets calling out “MOMMY” hoping he would be able to find her.

    And where was his mother? Well, she had no money, so the dealer wouldn’t sell her any drugs. She offered him sex, but because he was in a wheelchair and his “junk didn’t work” he refused her. She told him to watch her son for a few moments, she would be right back with some money. The dealer told us he assumed she was going to an ATM to get money and would be back quickly, but after an hour, he became afraid, and didn’t know what to do with the boy. He didn’t call the cops for obvious reasons, and so, told the boy to sit on the front porch and wait for his mother. Well, as I said, the boy walked off the porch in search of his mother, and luckily, someone saw him, and called the police.

    When I arrived, I saw the boy crying quietly to himself as he was calling out for his “mom”. It broke my heart to see this. You knew in a moment this kid was not from this neighborhood and did not belong here.

    Turns out his mother went a couple blocks over to have sex with some men who were outside the dealer’s home in order to get enough money for drugs. Well, they took her to their apartment, got her high, and gangbanged the shit out of her, flipped her $20 bucks, and threw her out the door. Because wh was high, she had no concept of time, and how long she had been gone, as well as she had become disoriented and lost, and could not easily find her way back to the dealer’s house. She started driving up and down the streets looking for the familiar home. When she saw me with her son, she came running up, asking us if her son was okay. Once she found out he was fine, she wanted to simply collect her son and leave….yeah right.

    I questioned her, knowing pretty much the truth by this time after having heard what the dealer told me, and putting the story together. Of course, she acted like she was mother of the year, all concerned about her son, again asking if she could just take him and go home. She at first, kept lying to me about where she was and what she was in this neighborhood for. The fact is, the neighborhood I worked in, if you were white, you were there to buy drugs. I will say I used reverse discrimination, as no white person had any business here, and if I saw a white person in my beat, I would find a reason to stop you, as it was apparent, you were up to no good.

    Anyway, after her lying over and over about where she was and what happened, about her saying she got lost, and left her son with a “friend” while she went on an “errand”, she finally admitted to the above, breaking down crying how she normally would not do something like this, how she is a good mother and so on. She even had the gall to ask me if I would let her go and take her son with her if she promised to never do drugs again.

    Well, I arrested her ass, and called child services. I spoke with the young boy and told him ever so nicely, that his mother loved him very much, and that she is sick, and needs to get help from doctors and that one day she will get better enough to take care of him again. In the mean time, I had a friend of mine, (the child services agent), who was going to make sure he was taken well care of until his mommy got better. Amazingly, he seemed to understand this and took this information “like a young man”. He nodded that he understood, and thanked me, and then, gave me a hug. It was all I could do to keep my own composure as he did this. This child deserved so much more than the POS mother he had. It truly sickened me that a mother would knowingly leave her child with a drug dealer, not knowing anything about him, in a very rough neighborhood, while she went and had unprotected sex with a slew of unwashed scumbags who looked every part of the street hoodlum that you could picture in your head, all for just enough money to buy a single hit of crack.

    It was this day I realized that a mother’s love is not instinctive. That protecting a child was not the highest priority for some mothers. How many of you know of a woman who would do this with her child? What if this child was hit by a car or taken by someone who wished to do him “harm”, and instead of a lost child incident, I would be taking a call of a dead child found in a field. I was boiling mad at this mother, and I did my best to assure she would have to jump through every hoop possible in order to get her son back. This woman had several recent prior arrests for DUI, drug possession, shoplifting…all within the last two years, indicating that something happened to her not long ago to make her think it okay to ruin her life. Before that, she was a model citizen. She did not look the part of a drug addled crack whore “yet”, but the signs of the beginning phases were apparent, the rapid weight loss with sagging skin, deep inset eyes, yellowing teeth, all the beginning stages of the drug spiral you see on so many crack heads. She drove a nice car, dressed decent, lived in a good neighborhood of above average income, and was married to a decent guy.

    And of course, we all know, the child was the real victim. This woman chose to go down a path for whatever reason, I did not understand. For some reason, she felt her life was unbearable, and turned to drugs as an escape. And if she had to throw away not only her life, but the care she had for her family and her son. She must have thought it all worth it…just to get high. To let a train of disgusting filthy black scumbags to run a train on her to get high one time…all the while with your son being supposedly looked after by a scumbag drug dealer…well, that takes a special amount of “something”. That kid will one day remember that moment. As I write this and calculate the time that has passed, this young boy is now about the ages of 21-23 years old. I wonder if he remembers that day…I do. I hope his mother got “better” and he lived a good life. That day, I saw nothing but the lengths of disgust a selfish mother would do to her child.

    So the story above doesn’t surprise me. It saddens me. What are some parents thinking? Do they not realize just how much these events affect the lives of their children? That somehow they will not remember these things? That they will not be harmed? The woman could have killed her child…then what would she say?

    And yes…this happened in Florida.

    I can only shake my head and wonder. Sometimes there is nothing humane about humanity.

    Sorry to go off topic. Some stories get me to thinking of other events, and I feel I have to share them.

  3. B Woodman says:

    And are you sure that’s a white woman?
    Looks more illegal alien “dreamer” south-of-the-border hispanic to me.

  4. Grim story Dekare. I have come to the conclusion that people such as you describe should be put down like rabid dogs.

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