To pay $31,000 for a bespoke coloring book, for example.

The Bespoke Coloring Book is being hailed as the “world’s most luxurious coloring book” and has a price tag to match – $30,850 for 10 bespoke illustrations created by famed illustrator Ian Beck, based on your personal preferences.

Adult coloring books have become insanely popular in the last few years, with more and more grownups turning to them as a way to relax, combat stress and let loose their inner child. You can find them in virtually any bookstore, and there are literary thousands of themes to choose from. But luxury goods&services company Very First To did some research and found that there was no luxury coloring books for rich people, so they decided to make one. And boy did they come up with something special.

As its name suggest, the Bespoke Coloring Book is a one-of-a-kind work of art featuring illustrations based on your personal preferences. World renowned illustrator Ian Beck, who worked on Elton John’s iconic “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” album cover, will meet with the buyer to learn about the important things in their lives, their family, favorite places and important moments they have experienced. Based on this information, he will draw 10 unique illustrations, in the style agreed-upon by the client.

“I am delighted to be a part of this project,” Ian Beck said. “I anticipate that the type of subjects people would like to have illustrated include: a portrait of themselves; pets; home; favorite holiday resort; family at their favorite restaurant; cottage in the country, etc. This is an amazing keepsake and heirloom in the making for the family.”

Once the illustrations have been drawn on handmade paper, they will be hand bound by Masters Bookbinding, using only traditional crafts and tools. Each book will have an embossed leather cover, and the name of the recipient will be highlighted on it in 24-carat gold foil.

Sounds wonderful, but it’s priced accordingly. The Bespoke Coloring Book is priced at a whopping $30,850. Damn, can you imagine how rich you have to be to spend that kind of money on a 10-page coloring book?

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  1. bogsidebunny says:

    My 85% rule applies across the board. Dumb, smart, rich, poor, pretty, ugly. Every category has 85% of assholes. This one’s interesting. The rich like Gates or Zuckerberg have the smarts and moola so $31,000 doesn’t even raise their eyebrows. I wonder, however how many middle class asshole will get a 2nd mortgage to buy one of this book containing 10 pieces of toilet paper.

  2. redneckgeezer says:

    Was listening to the news in the car today and heard a story about somebody who paid $475K for some movie poster that was the only one printed in Italian. I wish I had the same problem, trying to figure out what to waste my money upon each day. People who do this need to start considering a better way to spend their money.

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