At a baseball game.

Fan calls her retarded son “retarded.”

She’s demanding the Yankees apologize recognize her son’s “disability.”

Fuck her. On second thought, I wouldn’t.

Video has gone viral of a New York Yankees fan calling a developmentally disabled child ‘retarded’ during a game.

Angelica DiMarco, from Harrison, New York, was attending Tuesday night’s Yankees v Cincinnati Reds game with her husband and her four-year-old son, Luciano.

DiMarco told News 12 that Luciano has sensory issues and doesn’t understand social cues, which sometimes makes him unruly. He even wears a helmet to stop him from banging his head.

In the clip, seen hundreds of thousands of times on Facebook, an adult male fan – wearing glasses and a gray University of Vermont sweater turns around and say, ‘Your f****** child’s retarded.’

It is not immediately understood what caused the fan’s outburst but DiMarco has one idea.

‘He may have kicked a fan’s seat that was sitting in front of us with excitement,’ she said.

What made the situation worse for DiMarco was not getting any help from Yankee Stadium security.

‘When he said that…[Luciano] covered his ears and started hysterical crying and shaking, while Yankee security, ushers just stood there,’ she said.

‘We asked for a place for him to go. We were told if we leave the stadium, we can’t come back in.’

On the New York Yankees official website, it says using foul or abusive language is strictly prohibited at baseball games. has reached out to the Yankees for comment.

Until DiMarco hears back, she said her family will not be attending anymore Yankees games until they recognize her son’s disability.

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  1. BobF says:

    What did they expect security to do? It’s not like they’re standing around listening to ever conversation taking place among thousands of spectators.

    They asked for a place for him (the kid) to go. The place is called the lavatory…restroom…bathroom….take your pick.

    They want the Yankees to recognize their son’s disability. Translation: We want $$$$$$$$ from the Yankees.

  2. BobF says:

    Also, in watching the clip, we only see what the guy said. They don’t show what led up to his saying that. And, you can tell one of the parents was doing the videoing.

  3. dekare says:

    Retarded is not a bad word. At one time, it was the label used to describe exactly what people had. Kinda like the words lunatic, moron, dunce, crippled and on and on. But as liberals like to do, the ban the word and declare it hateful despite the fact they don’t hate the word, they hate what it represents.

    Look at crippled, it became differently abled, specially abled, and so on…morphing words the moment the old word became commonplace with the ailment.

    So, now liberals get upset over being labeled, look at anyone who uses the old words and what do they do…the LABEL the people using them.

    And yes, I agree…show what was going on the moments before this happened. More than likely, we all know the kid was probably kicking the guy, screaming and yelling, and ruining the pleasure of the event for everyone around him. But hey, EVERYONE IS SUPPOSED TO ACCOMMODATE HIM…He’s special.

    Sorry, but by having a child like this, you have limited your life incredibly. Yes, all children are gifts from god, but some gifts need to be left at home. Your struggle is not everyone else’s problem.

    Retarded is perfectly acceptable here. What was he supposed to call the kid? Who the hell can even keep track of the almost weekly changes in wording?

    And notice how no one but liberals are allowed to get angry. The guy is upset and yells at the woman after what I am sure was a substantial amount of keeping his mouth shut in the hope that the parent would realize that their special snowflake was bothering him and make him stop. But nope, the parent thought nothing wrong with the child bothering and possibly harming others, and so, the man had to stand up for himself and those around him. And then, and only then, is the parent made aware that their kid is a nuisance. And of then she has the right to get angry, but not the guy what was being kicked and/or bothered.

    We normal non-PC conservatives need to take our lives, our language, and our country back from these retarded PC morons who think they deserved special treatment.

    Keep your tardo kid away from normal people….we do not want his tard-ness to infect others.

  4. B Woodman says:

    “……until they recognize her son’s disability.”
    Yep. I recognize that. He’s “retarded”. You may leave now. NEXT!!

  5. dekare says:


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