Couple lie down on tracks.

Train hits them.

They didn’t die.

Too bad. Now we’re on the hook for their hospital bills.

A train conductor told investigators in Florida that he slammed on the brakes when he saw a couple embrace and lie down on the tracks in an apparent suicide pact, but could not stop in time.

Delray Beach police spokeswoman Dani Moschella says Brandon Weiner and Mary Ann Ortega, both homeless and 29 years of age, remained in critical condition after being hit by the train Wednesday.

Police say they are the fourth and fifth people hit by trains this week and investigators say most were suicide attempts.

The Sun Sentinel reports Tri-Rail, which operates commuter trains in South Florida is considering using drones to monitor the tracks to deter suicides. The agency also plans to place signs encouraging people to call the 211 suicide prevention helpline.

Police are investigating but say the conductor tried to stop. No one was hurt on board the train.

According to the Delray Beach Police Department, the incident took place at 8.15am on the tracks in the 300 block of North Congress Avenue.

The conductor of the southbound Tri-Rail train noticed the couple laying on the tracks and made an attempt to stop, but could not avert the crash.

Both Weiner and Ortega were taken to Delray Medical Center suffering from serious injuries. They remained hospitalized in critical condition on Thursday.

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2 Responses to DARWIN DENIED

  1. bogsidebunny says:

    What friggin’ losers. They couldn’t even get suicide right. They should have contacted the Clintons for some advice.

  2. dekare says:

    This area of Delray Beach is where the rehab and halfway houses are. This couple were druggie losers who decided to end it all and like they did at life…they failed. This are of the city is where a whole bunch of train deaths occur…almost always rehabbers.

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