I Love the NFL

Well, not really. The NFL is one of the most ridiculous organizations in the world. They run the whole thing like a bunch of commies from Eastern Europe and have some of the stupidest policies and rules imaginable. The teams are filled with some of the most sub-human prima-donas you can find. They beat their wives and their girl-friends, fill their bodies with who knows what kind of foreign substances, and strut through life with attitudes that would make most normal people puke.

But… I’ll go out on a limb this time and say I’m all for the NFL at present. One of my favorite sayings these days is, “HilLIARy Clinton will NEVER be president.” I get the greatest feeling saying that to people. Now, I get to say something else equally pleasant – “Colin Kaepernick is no longer employed by the NFL.” (Beware, the link has one of those awful auto-play videos and the text of the article is as slanted as it gets.)

Colon Crappernick (as I like to spell is name) is a washed up douche. Sure, the NFL is run like communist eastern Europe, but this douche and all the other players in the NFL went into the whole thing knowing that. They get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars (and in some cases millions) to go out and act like the prima-donas they are. Fans adore them and there are women falling over them. Now, Colon gets to reap the rewards of the image he decided to convey.

Colon Crappernick f’ed up the NFL image. I’m a great example. I’d tolerate having my son turn on their useless crap on the TV in my house, but once Colon began his anti-American hate spewed protests against America, cops, white people, and in general let the world know what a douchebag he was, I drew the line. To me, the image of the NFL was one of reality, one that supported all the anti-American bullshit that Crapperninck and soon many others espoused. I wanted nothing of that.

Instead of saying the NFL wasn’t allowed in my home, I just sat down to watch the games with my son. It took about two games before he gave up in disgust and started going to a friend’s house to get his fix. I made so many comments about what a load of crap the whole thing was, it wasn’t any fun for him to watch anymore. Oh darn… Now my Sunday afternoons are much more pleasant.

The complaint I have now is just wondering WHY this piece of shit is still in the news? Who really gives a shit if he’s unemployed? Turns out the answer to that question is pretty simple. The left not only runs the mainstream media in this country, but they have a lock on sports writing as well. Leftist sports commentators are going apoplectic over this whole story. You can read that in the above linked article.

Another case in point is Christopher Gasper of the Boston Globe. He’s as anti-American as Crappernick bitching about nobody giving this useless commie prick a chance. Get over yourself Gasper, nobody really wants to read your rants anyway.

I have to admit, as with last year, I don’t plan on spending time watching football. There are too many worthwhile things to be doing. While I’m doing them, I’ll enjoy the thought that Crappernick is unemployed. I only hope he stays that way. He needs to just move to Somalia where he might begin to get a better appreciation for the things he through away. Asshole.

I’d like to close with something positive thing about the guy (though I stole this from a comment on an article about him)… He’s appears to be a true success when it comes to the men’s hair transplant club.


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