Man ordered to pay back child support for child he never knew was born and was NOT his child according to DNA.

A Texas court has ruled that a Houston man who is not the father must pay $65,000 in child support to the mother of a teenage girl he’s only met once.

Gabriel Cornejo, of Cypress, Texas, a father-of-three who is also raising two of his brother’s children, says he only found out his ex claimed he was the father of her 16-year-old girl, last year.

But even after a paternity test proved he wasn’t the father, Cornejo is still being held liable for unpaid child support because a court says he did not contest the paternity suit when his former girlfriend first submitted it in 2003.

Cornejo, originally from Panama, insists he was never notified about his ex’s claims at the time and is hoping to overturn the ruling when the case goes to court next month.

The saga began last year when the dad got a knock on the door from a deputy who turned up with court papers claiming he had a daughter.

Cornejo, who insists never knew about the girl, set out to meet the now 16-year-old.

The Houston dad, who described the teen as a ‘wonderful girl’ who was ‘very smart’ with a ‘lot going on for herself’, decided to have a DNA test at the urging of his wife Esmeralda Cornejo, and his ex.

But when the results came back, they were negative.

‘I’m not the father,’ he told ABC 13.

While you might expect that to be the end of things, for Cornejo, it was just the beginning.

His ex is still demanding that he pays what now totals $65,000 for the child, that is not his.

She first went to a Texas court in 2003 claiming Cornejo was the only possible father.

Her lawyer, Carel Stith, claims Corneo got a subpoena which he ignored, and some child support was taken from his paycheck long ago which he never fought it.

Cornejo claims he never received a subpoena and was not aware about the claim until last year.

But the court has taken his ex’s side and unless he can convince another judge to change the order, he will face a bill of tens of thousands of dollars.

‘They say he should have fought back then and he failed to do so,’ his lawyer Cheryl Coleman said. ‘But how can you fight something you don’t know anything about?’

If he fails to pay, he could land in jail.

‘Don’t stick your head in the sand,’ the girl’s mother’s lawyer said. ‘It won’t go away and there can be consequences even if you don’t do anything.’

Cornejo describes himself as the owner of GP Custom Works car shop in Texas, and appears to be a family on his Facebook page, sharing lots of pictures of himself with his kids and wife.

He has also

The case is due back in court in August.

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  1. dekare says:

    I am curious, and yet it gives very little info on this supposed subpoena from 2003. Do they have proof of service of process? What did the lawyer and the whore mother do AFTER the supposed 2003 subpoena was sent? Was there a hearing? If he failed to respond, did they do anything to try and contact him or put him on notice? Any court hearings back then? Just way too much info is left out.

    What sickens me the most is the whore’s lawyer who is going after him like a bulldog and accusing him of sticking his head in the sand. She knows he is not the father yet is determined to destroy him…why? How about finding the real father. Obviously, the whore lied when she said that he was the only one who could be the father. What is she doing having unprotected sex with multiple men. That is what a slut does. How many men did she sleep with during this time period? How does she not even know the name of the man who impregnated her. Was this due to the fact that she failed to ask his name, and slept with him anyway, or was it because there were just too damned many men to keep track of?

    This is nothing but an abuse of the legal system and the judge is a complete asshole too. I understand we have laws, but common sense needs to be taken into consideration as well. Why wasn’t this pursued in 2003, so that there was no question that he was being targeted. Too many questions need answering. In the meantime, the woman is nothing but a gold-digging whore, and her lawyer is….well….the same.

  2. Dan says:

    Unfortunately there has been many cases over the years where paternity was irrelevant. The pseudolegal system in America is not interested in right/wrong, good/bad, moral/immoral. It isn’t even interested in justice. It exists for two reasons. To assist those in power in keeping the serfs in line and to facilitate the transfer of wealth….with the parasitic lawyers taking a MASSIVE cut of that wealth as part of the process. This case exists and persists for the sole reason of enriching the lawyers involved. THAT IS THE ONLY REASON.

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