By liberal employees at Delta.

TGP previously reported, conservative powerhouse, Ann Coulter unleashed hell on Delta airlines on Saturday after they removed her from her pre-booked seat and gave it to another woman. Coulter pointed out that the woman who took her seat was not elderly, sick or a child. Was this politically motivated?

Coulter said she asked the flight attendant why she was being forced to move from her seat and the response was “I don’t know.” The flight attendant snatched the ticket from Coulter’s hand and ordered her to move without explanation.

Ann Coulter took to her Twitter account to express her disappointment in Delta Airlines, sending out several tweets slamming the poor customer service. She even tweeted out a picture of the woman who was given her seat.

“Why are you taking me out of the extra room seat I specifically booked, @Delta?’ Flight attendant: “I don’t know.” pic.twitter.com/a0M1faZXMu

— Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) July 15, 2017

.@Delta didn’t give my extra room seat to an air marshall or tall person. Here’s the woman given my PRE-BOOKED seat: pic.twitter.com/iDNB8xXXOd

— Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) July 15, 2017

Hey @Delta, you mind telling me why it was an “emergency” to move someone else into the seat I had carefully chosen in advance and booked?

— Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) July 15, 2017

Many have speculated Coulter’s purchase was not honored by Delta Airlines due to her politics. Today, the conservative star tweeted out a text from a “Republican” delta employee, saying Ann was targeted on purpose.

BEWARE OF @DELTA REPUBLICANS. Texts from a flight attendant: It was political. @Delta still won’t give a reason. pic.twitter.com/Tcxp2DlPa0

— Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) July 18, 2017

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  1. BobF says:

    So far, if Southwest doesn’t fly to that city, I don’t fly there.

  2. B Woodman says:

    The Libtards are going apeshit over this, ranting against Ann Coulter. But they CONVENIENTLY leave out one FACT….Ann had pre-paid EXTRA for that specific seat. It’s not as if she was randomly seated, and then asked to move. No. She. Pre. Paid. EXTRA. For. THAT. Seat.

  3. Eskyman says:

    Isn’t it… interesting!… that Delta still doesn’t have an explanation for this. All they can do is attack the customer (Ann) who had made the arrangements that they unilaterally cancelled.

    Can’t prove it, but I’m positive in my own mind that Ann Coulter was indeed targetted because she is an outspoken right-winger (can’t use “conservative” any more, there are too many fakes using that name.) They’re too cowardly to fess up to their mean-spirited action, so like SJWs and libtards are prone to do, they run away while accusing the victim!

  4. Leonard Jones says:

    You know damn well it was politically motivated. She also NEVER gets through
    a screening without a full body pat-down. But then, all hot blondes get that
    same treatment! She once stated that if she ever felt the need for sexual
    intimacy, all she had to do was go through a TSA security check at the airport!

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