They shit on the streets and chop heads off chickens in public

When a country is gracious enough to welcome you, conventional wisdom would say you treat its citizens and property with respect.

Perhaps that’s demanding too much from a group of Romanian gypsies relocated to a small Pennsylvania town by the U.S. government. The Romanian gypsies are reportedly defecating in the streets and beheading chickens, leaving residents fuming.

According to the Post Gazette:

Most of the 40 or so Romanians who have moved to this community in the past two months do not speak English well, if at all. They do not know American customs and are unfamiliar with codes of conduct.

And they had no idea that their sudden arrival would upset so many of the residents of this small town 35 miles south of Pittsburgh.

More than 150 residents packed California borough council’s municipal meeting room Thursday evening to voice concerns about the influx of the Romanian refugees.

The Romanians, who said they came to America to escape persecution in their Bucharest-area homes, have been processed through U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and have been released as part of the government’s Alternative to Detention program, which monitors flight from other nations. They are members of the group known as Roma, or gypsies, and are distinct from ethnic Romanians. Roma are minorities in many European states and often face prejudice and discrimination.’

The federal program allows the immigrants find temporary homes, a cheaper and more humane alternative to keeping them in detention.

But the Romanians, nearly all of whom are renting apartments from local real estate agent Vito Dentino, have had challenges in the community of fewer than 7,000 people.

Angry residents at Thursday’s meeting said the newcomers throw trash around, park their cars in yards, disobey traffic rules, and are disruptive in markets. Others said that they’ve seen Romanians killing chickens and children defecating in public.

Romanian gypsies in the United States have been in the news lately, as a Utah couple belonging to the community allegedly murdered their 3-year-old daughter.

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  1. BobF says:

    Let’s hope they stay in Pennsylvania.

  2. antzinpantz says:

    They’re like vermin…..they won’t. Just look at what they’ve done in Europe.

  3. Prior to 2007 Britain had a visa requirement for Romanians so you hardly ever saw them. (though we had plenty of other worthless pikeys from Slovakia, Hugary etc.) Then the EU made us accept these low life scum. January 1st 2007 we got bus load after bus load of these wastrels. They dont speak a word of English, but they know how to pick pockets and beg and steal. One of their favourite stunts is for a group of them to enter a shop and distract the shopkeeper while they fill their pockets with swag. They are utter scum and when you think they get married at 14 to their cousins its no surprise that they look like extras for Deliverance. Quite why they would quailify for asylum escapes me. They are treated like crap in Romania, Hungary, Slovaia etc, because they are shitheads.

  4. bogsidebunny says:

    I saw them in action in Europe. Like their cousins the Irish traveler gypos and with the help of ignorant feel-good liberals they’ll be spreading across the country like pubic lice through a homeless shelter.

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